Chapter 4: First Time Alone

While in the chateau after a long day at the Miami Seaquarium, Lucy was filmed in her bedroom, chatting with her mother via Skype webcam on her laptop.
“Hey sweetie,” Lucy’s mother greeted. “How was the group date at the Miami Seaquarium?”
“It was good,” Lucy replied. “I enjoyed it.”
“That’s good. I heard you gave Nathan the group date dark red flower. I’m proud of you.”
“Thanks, Mom.”
“Anyway, your dad and I talked to Miguel and he wants to bring you on a one-on-one date to Little Havana tomorrow afternoon and I think you should be going out with him.”
Lucy hesitated for a while. “Um. Sure. I will go out with him.”
Lucy couldn’t say no to her mother’s suggestion about going out on a one-on-one date with Miguel because her mother and father believed he could blend in better with their Filipino culture. She didn’t know what to think about it but she was willing to explore Little Havana though.

The next day, Lucy was filmed walking through Little Havana’s Calle Ocho with Miguel. It was very crowded with a lot of people, both locals and tourists, especially on a bright sunny day. It used to be an almost empty, crime-ridden community but it had become packed and larger than ever.
“Feels quite like a Filipino community, doesn’t it?” Miguel asked.
Lucy nodded. “Of course it does, especially with those murals I see. I hear it looks like LA’s Filipinotown, even though I haven’t been there before.”
“I’ve been there before,” Miguel explained “But it’s quite small compared to this.”
“I didn’t even know that.”
Although I’ve never been to Little Havana in Miami nor Filipinotown in Los Angeles, Lucy thought. From what I’m seeing, the food that those vendors are serving quite reminds me of Filipino food my parents cook, especially the lechon, or roast pork, that was being roasted. My parents sometimes serve that whenever close friends and relatives come over to their place.
“Have you ever had Cuban food before?” Miguel asked Lucy as they were sitting at a table underneath a shade, having lunch, despite the loud music in the background in which there was a festival going on.
“Not really.” Lucy shook her head. “There weren’t many Cuban restaurants back in Atlanta. Everything was pure American.”
“I thought so.”
“You wouldn’t want to visit Atlanta. Not an ideal tourist spot.”
“Absolutely not. I hear it’s boring.”
“There’s nothing entertaining about it.”
“How about the guys back there? Are they the stereotypical all-American White guys who are Southern gentlemen and rednecks and Black guys who are thugs?”
“They are. My parents never wanted me to date them because they wouldn’t be able to understand Filipino culture and that these guys look and sound like they have ‘Asian fetish’ and ‘yellow fever’.”
“You know how White and Black guys are. Hey, they’ve got ‘Latin fetish’ for Hispanic girls too until Hispanic guys beat the crap out of them just like the movie ‘West Side Story’. Puerto Rican girl’s Puerto Rican fiance kills her White lover in the end.”
“I’ve seen that. In fact, I knew two Hispanic girls, one Cuban and the other Colombian, whose Hispanic boyfriends hated it whenever they talked to White and Black guys. They always thought they had some sort of fetish for them.”
“Well, White and Black guys are not perfect enough, especially if they are American and Canadian. They can’t seem to adapt to Asian nor Latin cultural values.”
“That’s what my parents see them as which is why they want me to date Asian or Latin guys instead.”
“Yeah, they will blend in with your family just fine, including me. Cultural upbringing and beliefs matter, you know.”
“Of course.”
After having lunch, Lucy and Miguel danced to the live music being performed on the stage. Lucy had been wanting to dance to Latin music and she was enjoying it with Miguel a lot.

Meanwhile in the chateau, Lucy’s contestants were filmed doing the dishes after having lunch while some were cleaning the dining room.
“So,” Trent began asking Steve as they were cleaning the table. “How do you like Miami?”
“I like it a lot,” Steve said. “The weather is warm all year round compared to Portland which gets cold during the winter which I really can’t stand.”
“I can’t stand cold weather either. I’ve experienced that in New York which is why I moved here. Plus, there’s no state tax unlike in New York which is really expensive.”
“Tell me about it. Anyway, when did you move to Miami?”
“Three years ago. I like it a lot for the most part.”
“What about getting a girl?”
“That, I find very hard to do. Sure, they may be beautiful but, unfortunately, most of them either have a husband or boyfriend. Same with girls in New York. I’ve never had any luck with them as well because of other guys that have gotten into fights with me over them.”
“What can you expect? There’s more males than females here in America and the rest of the world. I myself once went out with a girl in Portland, a Japanese girl, but it turned out she had this Japanese boyfriend who beat the crap out of me because he thought I was a White guy stealing her from him and her immigrant parents hated me as well, knowing they’re very strict like most Asian immigrant parents are.”
“And your family’s nationality?”
“My mother is Japanese and my father is Norwegian, Belgian, and Seminole Indian which makes me a mixed race guy.”
“Same with me except I’m Turkish from my mom’s side and German and Greek from my dad’s side.”
“I’ve seen half Middle Eastern people before in Portland as well as in New York and here.”
“So you’ve been to New York?”
“Yup, for a work-related conference in which I work as a software developer.”
“That’s neat.”
“I was there for a week and nope, I don’t want to live in New York either. Only good for visiting, especially during the spring and the summer.”
“But anyway, it seems like getting into a relationship and marriage is mostly hard for mixed race and biracial guys. For mixed race and biracial girls, it isn’t since there aren’t that many of them. For guys, it’s much harder.”
“I totally agree, even if both your parents are mixed and if both parents are of different races because girls, especially those that are not mixed, get intimidated by you real easily, thinking you’re too handsome and unique for them and can’t be one race that they will go for non-mixed race guys who are often seen as just right, not too handsome nor ugly. Just handsome enough for them and their families’ tastes. Even though Lucy is biracial herself, her parents really do seem to hate us and the other mixed guys for being mixed because they are Filipino immigrants even though they are biracial themselves which I find very hypocritical.”
“Well, it’s typical of most immigrant parents even if they are mixed race which is strange.”
“I mean Lucy is a beautiful but unique, classy, and interesting person and I’d like to have the opportunity to go on one-on-one dates with her no matter what her parents nor those Asian, Hispanic, and mixed Asian and Hispanic guys they like more often say. I really like her a lot but I’m seem to be a bit worried about her going out with Miguel, whether they have chemistry or not and what he’s going to be like for her. He seems pretty suspicious to me as if he’s against me but her parents really like him a lot and I’m thinking that they must have set her up with him or something.”
“I guess they did.”
Suddenly, Ernesto, Terry, Walt, and Alan overheard what Trent and Steve said and were shocked.
“Did I hear you say you say you guys want to go on one-on-one dates with Lucy, huh?” Ernesto glared at Trent and Steve, raising his voice in a slightly medium Spanish accent.
“Sounds like you White boys have Asian fetish for her and that you want to get in bed with her!” Walt snapped at Trent and Steve.
“You’re crazy!” Steve shot back at Walt. “None of us would do that. Seems like you guys have trust issues with other guys that aren’t like you being around girls like you!”
“And no,” Trent explained to Walt, Ernesto, Terry, and Alan. “Steve and I are not White. I am half Middle Eastern and Steve is also Asian and Native American.”
“Yeah,” Alan scoffed. “That makes you mutts but you guys are still White in my very own eyes!”
“And Lucy’s parents hate you because you guys are too handsome,” Terry said to Trent and Steve. “We Latino and Asian guys are just perfectly right for her. You’re not!”
“In addition to that,” Felipe added to the argument by jumping in. “You guys are of many cultures and have many cultural beliefs. First, you follow one culture and then you follow other cultures. What is with you mixed breed people?”
Apparently, Kyle thought as he overheard the argument going on. I think that is so racist and derogatory. What is up with some of these Latino and Asian guys being also being racist towards mixed race guys? Maybe I’m thinking that these Latino and Asian guys think they should win just because their culture is similar to Lucy and her parents, who think I’m too Americanized after I told them my father is Irish-American even though I’m Filipino coming from my mother’s side. I’m sure that if Lucy’s parents were to meet my parents, they would sure hate them, especially my Filipino mother for marrying my Irish-American father and having a happy marriage for forty years. Yeah, I’ve seen other Filipinos such as my mom’s family, for example, hate on them and other Filipina female and White male couples, except Russians, but they’ve kept their marriage strong.
“I believe it doesn’t have anything to do with winning over Lucy,” Trent explained to the Hispanic and Asian guys. “It’s whether if she has feelings for you or not. In addition to that, I find that term, mixed breed very offensive and insulting.”
“And so do I. If you guys keep up by being racist towards other guys that aren’t like you nor her,” Steve pointed out to the Hispanic and Asian guys. “Especially when she’s around, she could kick you out easily even if her parents won’t let her.”
“I don’t think she can do that,” Alan argued. “Her parents will get mad at her for that.”
“Even so,” Trent argued back. “If she sees your negative, prejudiced, racist attitude towards others different from you, she could kick you out.”

At the beach in the mid-afternoon, Lucy and Miguel were filmed a walk for a while and went into the pristine, tropical-blue ocean which was cold at first, especially for Lucy, but it became warmer as they swam in it. As they walked to the shallow part of the ocean, Miguel started holding Lucy’s hand and she started to feel quite uncomfortable with it that she flinched. Miguel was confused.
“Come on,” Miguel began as he and Lucy were treading through the water. “Don’t you want to hold hands? ¿Por favor?”
“I mean, I’m on a first date with you and we’ve just met yesterday. In addition to that, I don’t know you that well either,” Lucy explained. “We’ve only talked to each other a few times.”
“So what? We’re going to talk some more,” Miguel pointed out.
Apparently, Lucy thought. Miguel is starting to fall for me right away and I can’t eliminate him or my parents will be mad at me because they like him a lot. Sure, he’s a handsome gentleman but I’m not comfortable with him a little too forward and eager, especially on a first date. And if I told my parents this, they wouldn’t believe me because he’s their favorite as well as other Latino and Asian guys including those half Asian and Latino so I’d have to do what they want and what he wants too.
All of a sudden, strong waves coming from the ocean started washing over Lucy and Miguel that they collapsed onto the wet sand, “Whoa! That was really strong!”
“I haven’t been to the beach in a long time,” Lucy explained as she and Miguel started sitting down on the wet sand, despite light waves starting to wash over them. “It’s been a long time since my brother’s college graduation six years ago. My family and I brought him on a trip to Savannah with some of his friends coming along and we had a good time. Very interesting college graduation trip for him.”
“And where did your brother attend college?”
“University of Georgia in Athens which is also his favorite football team.”
“Yup, that’s their mascot but anyway, he studied journalism and is currently a sports and entertainment journalist and blogger. He attends a lot of sporting and entertainment events around town.”
“Sounds quite a life of luxury he has.”
“Well, he’s my brother and I’m okay with it.”
“Of course.”
“But he has no time to see you nor the rest of the other guys right now because he is really busy.”
“I can imagine but I’m sure I would be able to meet him later on.”
“Perhaps you may.”
“True even though I want to stay throughout the competition.”
“And what makes you want to do that?” Lucy was starting to smile with her mouth closed.
“I mean, I find you very intriguing and uniquely beautiful,” Miguel explained. “That it’s making my heart beat for you.” He leaned in forward and slowly kissed Lucy on the lips that she was starting to fall for him all of a sudden.
Lucy paused for a while. “I never knew you could do that,” she whispered.
“Do what? I mean your lips are so beautiful and rosy that I can’t help but kiss them,” Miguel whispered as he kissed Lucy. They continued to kiss each other as another set of strong waves washed them over making them fall on to the wet sand again as they embraced each other passionately, staring at each other, lying down and then kissed again, despite that they were dressed in swimwear—Lucy in a dark blue bikini with a top that had a plunging neckline that exposed her chest and was tied at the front instead of being a halter in which the straps were somewhat thin and Miguel in light aqua and red board shorts even though he had no shirt on. He really had a nice, fit muscular body that was very strong that it quite overpowered Lucy that she couldn’t resist. After that, they took a walk along the beach and Miguel asked Lucy, “How many guys have you dated?”
Lucy hesitated for a while to answer. “Why would you like to know?”
“I’m just asking,” Miguel replied. “With a beautiful girl like you, I’m sure you’ve dated other guys before. And right now, there’s still lots of guys, mostly handsome ones, falling at your feet and throwing themselves at you.”
Lucy finally answered Miguel’s question. “Just to let you know, I’ve dated a lot of other guys before and they were mostly Asian and Hispanic guys my parents could find in Atlanta.”
Miguel was relieved. “Okay. At least your parents wanted you to date them.”
Lucy nodded. “Of course. If I didn’t and went ahead and dated anyone not Asian nor Hispanic, they would be mad at me and tell me to ditch them right away.”
“Well you’re their daughter and they’re trying to protect you. And have you been married to any one of those Asian or Hispanic guys they fixed you up with?”
“I married a Filipino guy but I didn’t really like him. He didn’t look physically appealing to me. I mean, I don’t seem to be attracted to Asian guys that much.”
“You’re not supposed to be attracted to a guy at first. That’s just slutty. He is supposed to be attracted to you first and get you to be attracted to him second. That’s how it is. Well, anyway, so that means you’re divorced from your husband, aren’t you?”
“I am, currently.”
“Any reasons?”
“I can’t say. All I know is that I didn’t feel anything with him at all. Aside from that, have you dated anyone, been married, etc.?”
“I have never been married nor engaged, either. I’ve dated a few girls seriously in LA but they turned out to be bisexual or lesbian which is weird. I’ve been a single guy for a long time, starting in San Francisco and also here. But anyway, it seems like those creepy girls are more available than the good, decent ones.”
“It’s because our country and the rest of the world’s population is more than 50 percent male, like 60 to 75 percent or so since most people want to have male children most of the time.”
“True. And finding a good girl is hard because of that.”
Lucy’s father suddenly showed up with her mother’s brother, Wilfred Cruz, who was her maternal uncle and Miguel was fine with it.
So Lucy’s dad shows up with her uncle who happens to be her mom’s brother, Miguel thought. And he also seems to be okay with me going out on a one-on-one date with her since I’m Latino. Other than that, I saw that they had fishing equipment with them since they were going fishing at the beach, something my family does.
“Nice to meet you,” Wilfred said to Miguel.
“Nice to meet you too,” Miguel replied.
“Take care.”
“You too,” Lucy said to Wilfred.
“Hasta luego.” Lucy and Miguel continued walking a long the beach while her father and Wilfred went ahead to do some fishing.
“Well, meeting your uncle wasn’t bad at all,” Miguel said to Lucy. “He seems to be a friendly guy.”
“Apparently, I could say he is,” Lucy replied.

As the sun began winding down, Lucy’s contestants were filmed having a barbecue in the chateau’s patio that it smelled mostly of smoke. While they were having their dinner, they saw a piece of folded paper on the table.
“I guess it must be from Lucy,” Matt said. “I might as well want to read it.” Matt opened the letter. “Okay, it’s not for me but it’s for Jerry. Sorry about that.”
“That’s okay.” Jerry forgave Matt. “But anyway, is the letter for me?”
“Yup, it’s for you,” Matt gave Jerry the letter.
“Thanks,” Jerry said.
“No problem,” Matt replied.
Jerry read the letter out loud, “Jerry, what are some things you would like to do on a first date and name one thing you would like to do the most?” Jerry took a moment to think about what he was going to say. “I like going to sporting events, concerts, the beach, visiting museums, watching movies, having dinner, fishing, boating, and anything one can think of in Miami. But for the most part, I like to have dinner at a restaurant on a first date because I would get to know the girl, which would be Lucy of course. And there’s this one Asian private dining place I’d like to take her for dinner tomorrow evening. It’s called Mr. Chow which is a Chinese restaurant in the W Hotel in town.”
“I’ve been there before with my family for my cousin’s engagement party,” Francis explained, trying not to disagree with Jerry. “The food is very authentic.”
“I haven’t been there before but I’d like to try it, even though I’ve had Chinese food before,” Jerry explained.
“Looks like I smell some Asian fetish here,” João said, teasing Jerry in his moderate Brazilian accent. “If Lucy’s family finds out you’re going out on a one-on-one date with her and if you touch her, you’re going to be in big trouble.”
“Yup, that’s right,” Paul and some of the other Hispanic, Asian, and Hispasian guys teased as if they were trying not to start any friction.
“Maybe she wouldn’t let them know,” Jerry explained to João.
“Just take your chance,” Tyler told Jerry. “If her folks get pissed off and act racist, who cares?”
“Don’t listen to what some of these guys say,” Andy reminded Jerry.
Jerry nodded. “I think I should.”
“We mostly agree,” Marcus said. “Even though there are some that don’t agree.”
I sure would like to get a chance to know Lucy more, Jerry thought. And the other guys agree, mostly White guys like me as well as mixed White guys, but those that don’t agree are mostly Asian and Latino guys because they’re jealous of me and if they tell Lucy’s parents, oh well. I mean, this competition is all about taking chances is it? Until there are consequences. In fact, I’m starting to see gang mentality among these Asian and Latino guys, knowing most of them can’t get along with any of the White guys and mixed White guys here, even though these White guys and mixed White guys, I know are here for the right reasons. They are all looking for true love but these Asian and Latino guys don’t think so. Perhaps her parents too.

“Can I have the dark red carnation, por favor?” Miguel asked Lucy while they were still at the beach, being filmed having a later afternoon picnic and bonfire.
“Sure,” Lucy answered as she picked up the dark red carnation which was laid out by the producers with five other colors of carnations from the picnic blanket. She pinned it to Miguel’s ivory cotton blouse.
“De nada.”
Just then, the temperature was starting to cool down and Lucy was shivering all of a sudden.
“¿Estás fría?” Miguel asked.
“Sí,” Lucy answered, shaking.
Miguel got a folded blanket that was on the picnic blanket, wrapped it around Lucy, and held her close to him, also wrapping it around himself as they were watching the orange sunset.
“You sure do feel cold,” Miguel said to Lucy.
“While you feel warm,” Lucy replied.
“You do like to cuddle, don’t you?” Miguel asked.
“I do,” Lucy answered, nodding. “Well, sort of.”
“What about kissing? I mean, on the lips?”
“I do, only if I find the person to be charming and even handsome.”
“And you find me handsome, do you?”
“Apparently, I do.”
“I mean, is a guy’s looks one thing that you look for?”
“Of course as well as his culture, religion, and political beliefs which my parents want as well as his education, career, income, and protectiveness which most parents want for their daughters anyway.”
“True. I can meet what your parents want. I mean my family is very traditional in their culture and religious in which they are Catholic as well as conservative in their political beliefs. You know I have a job that pays me a lot and also, I have a law degree from UCLA and a business degree from UC Berkeley in which I went to grad school. Other than that, I want to protect you because I’m madly in love with you and I love you a lot. I really do.” Miguel stroked Lucy’s face and gave her a kiss on the lips. “Do you love me too?”
“I..I do,” Lucy whispered.
“Good for you,” Miguel said. “You’re such a beautiful person and I would like for you to be my one and only.” Miguel continued to kiss Lucy by the sunset until they laid together, holding each other.
Lucy on the other hand, suddenly liked the idea of snuggling with Miguel. It was passionate that he was gently stroking her hair and back as she laid her head against his chest as he held her close to him. In other words, this one-on-one date setup by her parents indeed became a love match.

When Lucy and Miguel arrived to the chateau in the evening with the production crew filming them, the rest of the contestants greeted them, while the Caucasian and mixed Caucasian ones were in a separate room in the underground floor because her parents were there and they were worried that her parents would kick them out if they saw them.
“So, how was it?” Lucy’s mother asked her.
“It wasn’t bad,” Lucy answered. “Miguel and I had a good time.”
“We hung out at Little Havana and then went to the beach,” Miguel explained to Lucy’s mother.
“I see you got the dark red flower,” Lucy’s father said to Miguel.
“I asked for it,” Miguel said to Lucy’s father. “And she gave it to me.”
“Wow! I’m glad!” Lucy’s father said to her.
“Thank you for saying that, Dad,” Lucy replied to her father.
Meanwhile, Trent was in the kitchen getting a quick glass of water that he could hear the conversation between Lucy, Miguel, and her parents that he hurried back quickly to the basement.
“Looks like Lucy’s parents set her up for a one-on-one date with Miguel,” Trent said to the Caucasian and mixed Caucasian contestants as he arrived to the room they were in.
“Did they?” Adrian asked.
“I believe they did,” Trent answered. “I heard about them talking about liking Miguel and stuff but I heard Lucy had a pretty good time with him overall and I’m okay with that. Luckily they didn’t see me because they were so busy talking.”
“Thank goodness!” Steve sighed with relief.
“I hope Lucy’s parents don’t come down here and see us or we’re in big trouble,” Marcus said, worriedly. “We all do know how they are.”
“Yeah, they seem pretty racist and prejudiced,” Ron said.
“As usual,” Andy said.
“But not with me,” Peter added. “Nor Dion, Anthony, Filippo, and Giovanni. To them, we’re an exception.”
“Of course,” Dion said. “I’m Greek.”
“With me, I’m Russian,” Anthony said.
“Me and Giovanni,” Filippo said. “We’re Italian.”
“Except I’m American,” Giovanni snickered.
“Of course you are,” Filippo assured him. “What can you say?”
“True.” Giovanni nodded.

“Sweetie,” Lucy’s mother said to her while she was in the middle floor with her, her father, and her Asian, Hispanic, and Hispasian contestants. “Your dad and I need to talk to you.”
“Okay,” Lucy said with a nod and then said to the guys. “Excuse me for a moment.”
“Sure thing,” the guys replied.
Lucy’s parents took her to a private room further away from the large family room so they wouldn’t hear what was going on despite that the conversation would be also be filmed.
“I heard from Francis and some other guys that you’re going out with Jerry on a one-on-one date dinner tomorrow night to a classy Chinese restaurant called Mr. Chow,” Lucy’s father said to her. “Is that correct?”
“Yes,” Lucy nodded. “I mean what’s wrong with that?”
“Your dad and I don’t like Jerry,” Lucy’s mother explained. “He’s too all-American and he looks gay to us.”
“You don’t know that, Mom,” Lucy explained to her mother. “I’d have to see once I’m having dinner with him. You’re making a lot of assumptions here just like with some other guys, mostly White and mixed White people, that is.”
“And he’s also Buddhist too,” Lucy’s father told her.
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “It’s Rob,” the voice called out. “May I come in?”
“Sure,” Lucy said. She went to the door and opened it, letting Rob in, knowing that it was locked.
“Thanks,” Rob said.
“You’re welcome,” Lucy replied.
“I don’t mean to eavesdrop on you,” Rob explained but I heard you guys talk quite loudly.
“Sorry,” Lucy apologized.
“Oh no, that’s fine,” Rob assured her. “But anyway,” Rob explained to Lucy’s parents. “The production crew and I encouraged Lucy to take any contestant on the next one-on-one date and she picked Jerry to come along with her and none of us have a problem with Jerry. He’s an overall nice, respectable guy who gets along well with others and is very considerate of them, don’t get me wrong. From what I’m hearing is that you sound very racist and prejudiced about him and assume that he’s gay when he is straight from what I’ve seen when he was cast on this show.”
“How can that be?” Lucy’s father asked. “Lucy hasn’t gone out on a one-on-one date with him yet. And plus, she shouldn’t be asking for dates. She’s a girl.”
“But she will soon,” Rob reminded Lucy’s father. “Anyway, I don’t like the way you and her mother made those assumptions about Jerry. I find that very offensive. If he were to hear this conversation you are having with Lucy, he would be upset about it. In addition to that, the producers and I believe Lucy should also be asking for dates too.”
“I don’t think so. Guys should be asking for dates only and not girls,” Lucy’s mother told Rob. “It’s part of our Filipino culture.”
“I understand that it is, Mrs. Del Rosario,” Rob assured Lucy’s mother. “But what I’m seeing here is that you are setting up Lucy for disaster, especially with the way you and her father raised her.”
“It’s my choice here,” Lucy said to her mother. “And also I wouldn’t like it either if you and Dad were to make assumptions about Jerry if he were around. It would be embarrassing and you wouldn’t realize it.”
“My dear,” Lucy’s father assured her. “Your mom and I want the best for you. In fact, why don’t you have Francis come along with you and Jerry to Mr. Chow for dinner tomorrow night since he wants to go out with you.”
Rob was quite appalled. “Excuse me? This is supposed to be Lucy’s one-on-one date.”
“How about her dad and I make her go on a two-on-one date with Francis and Jerry instead?” Lucy’s mother suggested. “Have Francis see what Jerry is really like with her.”
“I did not ask Francis to come along, Mom,” Lucy said to her mother. “But he insisted from what I heard from Dad and this is not right.”
“Sweetie, you’re going to have to take Francis along,” Lucy’s mother told her. “Whether you like it or not.”
Lucy sighed, “Fine, whatever.”
So now this is a two-on-one date instead, Lucy thought. I wanted to take Jerry along but my parents insist that Francis come along as well just because he wants to go out with me which I know he does so that way he could see what Jerry is really like me. I don’t get it. Apparently, I don’t think Francis will ever get along with Jerry at all. In other words, I’m afraid that there’s going to be a problem between them even though don’t care anyway. Will there be? I don’t know. I’d have to see for sure. But anyway, I believe this doesn’t make sense. Does it?
As soon as Lucy’s parents left, she told Rob, “My parents, they’re very controlling.”
Rob nodded. “I can see.”
“I mean, they’re telling me who to date and all,” Lucy continued to explain. “And the next thing you know, they’ll just flat out tell me to kick out a guy just because of his race, religion, and political beliefs and it’s making me hard to tell how they are and what they are like because they’ve been saying bad things about them.”
“In other words, they are not letting you decide which guy to choose,” Rob replied. “Instead they just insist on setting you up, especially on that one-on-one date with Miguel without your consent. Speaking of that, how was it?”
“It went well,” Lucy explained. “Even though I didn’t feel any connection with him at first but did later on.”
“That’s good.”
“But with Francis, I don’t believe I can have any chemistry nor connection with him on this Mr. Chow date my parents are wanting to fix me up on in which they are trying to make him come in between me and Jerry, whatever. If I refuse to have Francis come along and just go alone with Jerry instead, they would be really mad at me.”
“Your parents.”
“That’s just how most parents are, by the way. They just set up their daughters with a particular guy because they want the best for them while they let sons choose whichever girl they want.”
“And it can produce disastrous results.”
“I mean, it’s just suppression, oppression, whatever.”
“I can agree.”

Chapter 3: A Day At The Seaquarium

With thirty-four contestants remaining, the ones that got the dark red and light red carnations had bedrooms upstairs in the chateau while the ones that got white and yellow carnations had rooms in the basement section which wasn’t completely buried underground. Everyone was still asleep early in the morning after a long night of getting to know Lucy, and of course, each other as well and they were tired indeed.

Lucy’s contestants were filmed having breakfast while dressed in their pajamas in the large dining room.
“Seriously,” Jared began. “I totally hated the idea of Clay being here last night. Red hair, fair skin, freckles—it doesn’t look right for Asian girls at all. My sister dated a red-haired guy who was fair-skinned but no freckles that me and my parents kicked him out because it was too much for her.”
“Hey, even Latina girls don’t like them red-headed boys much,” Paul said. “There was this red-headed guy that really liked my cousin and she turned him down. Man, he was really ugly as hell!”
“Well, most girls don’t really like guys with red hair that much, especially when they are past their teens and/or early 20s,” Dion explained.
“True.” Calvin nodded. “Not unless there is a little bit mixed in with blonde or brown. That’s what girls like.”
“In addition to that,” Johnny added. “Clay had a freaky beard. I don’t get why the producers added him to the cast as well as Christopher, that ugly Black monkey, and Mohammed, that Middle Eastern Muslim terrorist from Iran. I know Lucy doesn’t like Black guys either, nor do her parents because once a girl goes out with a black guy, she can never go back. And they don’t like Middle Eastern Muslim guys as well. I hear those guys are psychotic.”
“Hey,” Anthony added. “Russian Muslims are just as bad. Remember the Boston Marathon bombing a couple of months ago? Those terrorists where Russian Muslims from Chechnya.”
Johnny recalled what Anthony had just said. “Yeah, I remember that. Those guys were insane as hell.”
Trent looked very disgusted with Johnny’s comments about Christopher and Mohammed as well as Andy, especially when he saw that Johnny was talking bad about African people.
I really don’t like what Johnny says about Black and Muslim people, Trent thought. He sounds very racist, bigoted, and prejudiced, even when Andy is around, despite that he’s half Black and White on average but doesn’t look Black that much. I mean, it’s not always about a Black person’s looks. It’s their character. In addition to that, not all Muslim people are bad, crazy terrorists who kill women and girls. Some are good, especially when they’re highly educated with steady careers and income. Of course, even though I was born in Turkey, I’m not a Muslim, either. I’m Catholic.
I just want to tell Johnny that I’m offended by the way he talks bad about Black people, Andy thought. I’m half Black myself and people think I’m good-looking like Vin Diesel, for instance, who is half Black just like me. Not all Black people are ugly. What is Johnny talking about?
All of a sudden, the guys heard footsteps coming towards the dining room.
“Excuse me, you guys,” Trent said to Jared, Paul, Dion, and Johnny. “I think Lucy is coming down so you’d better end your conversation which I find very offensive right now.”
“Shut up, pretty White boy!” Jared snapped, interrupting Trent.
Matt, Steve, Kyle, Andy, Nicolas, and Ron were shocked at what Jared said to Trent and so were the Caucasian guys. “Whoa! That is racist!” They looked at each other, speechless.
Okay, Steve thought. I’m starting to have a problem with Jared. I mean, he is sounding racist here, especially with what he said to Trent. I don’t get why Lucy is keeping him but I have a feeling she is under pressure from her parents to do so since they really looked at me in a bad way last night and also because he is “completely” Asian as well as Filipino while I’m just Asian, White and Native American—bad combination to them since White is included.
“Apparently, I find that phrase offensive,” Trent said calmly to Jared. “And I do not tolerate it, especially at the breakfast table. It made me feel insulted.”
Jared rolled his eyes and flicked his hand, looking away from Trent. “Fine, whatever. But anyway, what are you?”
Trent was feeling rather offended but he gave his answer. “Turkish in my mother’s side, Greek and German in my father’s side.”
“Holy crap!” Jared was shocked. “Your parents are mismatched! Anyway, if I see you touch Lucy, I’m going to kick your pretty mutt-White boy ass, you son of a bitch!”
“I don’t care what you say,” Trent replied. “But I like her.”
Honestly, I don’t think Jared is ashamed at what he is saying to Trent, Marcus thought. I have a feeling he believes that he should win just because he is Asian as well as Filipino and that anyone who isn’t similar to Lucy shouldn’t win at all. And I know he sees Lucy as Filipino as well because her parents are from the Philippines since we all saw them last night. After all, I just think he is plain racist, prejudiced, and bigoted like them.
Lucy came into the dining room in her pajamas and her contestants stood up and greeted her, “Good morning, Lucy.”
“Good morning, gentlemen,” Lucy greeted them back as she joined them for breakfast.
“Did you sleep well last night?” Trent asked Lucy, privately.
Lucy nodded. “I had a hangover,” she joked. “I’m just kidding. Apparently, I slept well last night.”
“Good for you.”
The Hispanic, Asian, and Hispasian contestants were looking suspiciously at Lucy while she was talking to Trent.
Does Lucy like Trent better than me? Miguel thought. I mean, I could see them flirting with each other like they did last night and if her parents were to see this, she would definitely be in big trouble with them for sure and Trent would then have to go home by their orders. Of course, I would tell them that she is sending mixed signals to me and the rest of the other Latino and Asian guys.
“Anyway,” Lucy wanted to explain to her contestants. “I apologize for my parents last night. They’re very overprotective of me which is typical of Asian-born parents. Some of you know how they are, especially for those of you who are Asian.”
“Well, yes. That’s how Asian parents are,” Walt explained. “They always want the best for their children, especially their daughters. When it comes to relationships and marriage, that is.”
“And they’ve got very high expectations,” Giovanni pointed out.
“Most parents do,” Anthony explained. “Including Russian and Eastern European parents. They’re just as strict. Same goes for Hispanic ones. Even some North American parents have high expectations too.”
“Starting in the Deep South of course,” Tyler added. “Southern parents are just as worse.”
“Tell me about it,” Lucy said.
“Well, anyway,” Steve wanted to ask. “What is it that you would like to do today? Where would you like to go?”
“I was thinking that we could all go to the Miami Seaquarium,” Lucy answered.
“Hey.” Ron was delighted. “That sounds like fun!”
“I agree,” Andy nodded. “Animal encounters. Dolphins, sea lions, sea turtles..But be careful with touching stingrays, though.”
“Their tails,” Nicolas explained.
“They’re like whips with sharp edges they use for defense,” Adrian explained. “And it’s dangerous to swim over them since their tails are venomous. If you get stung, find any hot water you can and pour it on the area where you’ve been stung and seek medical attention if necessary. Don’t ever touch stingrays without a tour guide either.”
“None of us wants to end up like the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin,” Peter said. “He touched a stingray by himself. I think he grabbed it by the tail or something.”
“I believe he did,” Eric nodded.
The thought of petting stingrays scared Lucy quite a bit because she had never touched one in a long time since an elementary school field trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California as well as past vacations to Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina.

At the crowded Miami Seaquarium, Lucy and her contestants were being filmed coming in from the main entrance. Lucy had no idea that it was an outdoor aquarium rather than an indoor one. It wasn’t like the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, Tennessee, nor the Georgia Aquarium back in Atlanta, Georgia. It was an aquarium that resembled the likes of Sea World in Orlando and Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo, California. In other words, it looked like a theme park with hardly any rides. While Lucy and her contestants were looking at the guides, some on smartphone and tablet, one of the employees, a gray-haired Caucasian man who appeared to be in his early sixties greeted them.
“Good morning, everyone,” the slightly elderly man greeted them.
“Good morning, sir,” Lucy and her contestants greeted him back.
“How is everyone doing?” the slightly elderly man asked.
“Great,” Lucy and her contestants answered.
“My name is Stuart Olsen and I’m the manager and owner of the Miami Seaquarium and I will be your tour guide. To tell you about this place, it has been here for 58 years since 1955 and we’ve rescued many animals from the waters, marshes, and jungles around Miami, other parts of Florida, the US, as well as the world and treated them for injuries and illnesses and brought them back to the wild. Some are here to greet visitors, especially the dolphins, whales, seals, sea lions, and manatees. They’ve been very gentle with the visitors, thanks to the training staff.”
“And I hear there are well-known people that have visited this place,” Lucy said.
“Oh yes, of course,” Stuart explained. “We’ve had the Kardashian family come here for example and even the Miami Heat NBA Basketball team. You all should know that they won this year’s NBA Finals. How many of you watch NBA Basketball?”
“Most of us do,” Lucy and her contestants explained.
“Good,” Stuart replied. “Well, anyway, the seals and sea lions got the opportunity to shoot hoops with them during one of their shows and everyone enjoyed it and got autographs from the team.”
“Wow!” Lucy was amazed.
“Other than that,” Stuart continued. “I would like to know your names.”
Lucy introduced herself. “My name is Lucy.”
Adrian introduced himself next. “My name is Adrian.”
“Nice to meet you.”
The other thirty-three contestants also introduced themselves as well.
“Well, it’s nice to meet you all,” Stuart replied. “And you Lucy,” he said to Lucy. “Have a handsome bunch of eligible gentlemen with you today. Are you and these men ready to enjoy your time at the Seaquarium?”
“Oh absolutely,” Lucy and her contestants replied. They were excited.
Okay so we’re supposed to be having a good time here at the Seaquarium, Filippo thought. Which means drama should be kept at least to a minimum because there’s lots of people of all sorts here and it would be embarrassing if any of these guys start acting up like bitches, especially over Lucy, of course.

The first exhibit that Lucy and her contestants visited were the tropical fish aquariums which were lining the walls of the top deck dolphin area. It was filled with all sorts of fish species that were swimming around the eccentric, yet colorful reefs in the vibrant blue waters.
Adrian observed the orange clown fish and and blue tang fish swimming around tank. “I see Nemo and Dory floating around these reefs.”
Lucy smiled. “You mean those characters from Finding Nemo.”
“Yup,” Adrian replied. “Those fish just remind me of those Disney Pixar characters.”
“And I also see Squirt,” Kyle said as he observed another blue tang fish swimming by.
“Yup, I see him too,” Jerry said. “But there’s lots of fish that look similar to those Finding Nemo fishes.”
“Of course, there are,” Lucy observed the tank. “And then we’ll meet Squirt, the sea turtle later on in the Reef Encounter.”
I swear, Nathan thought. I really want to have a one-on-one conversation with Lucy. All these White guys are trying to snatch her from me and other Latino and Asian guys. And you know how White guys are. They have fetishes for Latina and Asian girls that any Latino and Asian guy would whoop their ass for going near them. Remember Chino, the Puerto Rican guy in West Side Story? He killed Tony, a White American guy because he stole Maria, his Puerto Rican fiancée, from him. And then there’s that Fast & The Furious Tokyo Drift movie in which a White American boy becomes friendly with a local Asian girl of Indian descent while living in Japan that her Asian boyfriend who is Japanese beats the hell out of him as well. I swear, these White boys. They’re always after Latina and Asian girls, wanting to make half-breed, mixed kids with them that make Latino and Asian boys want to whip their asses. Hey, Black guys are also the same too, especially American ones.

At the top deck dolphin area, there were not much people because the trainers were busy taking care of the dolphins and preparing them for the next show but Lucy and her contestants got the opportunity to pet the dolphins as well as feed them, despite that they were all wet and slippery. The downside was that no one would be able to swim with them. Of course, that would be in the Dolphin Harbor way ahead on the left.

While on their way to the reef aquarium, Peter asked Lucy, “May I talk to you for a bit? I would like to get to know you a little more. I don’t mean to be rude nor anything like that.”
“Sure,” Lucy answered.
I’m glad that Lucy let me have the opportunity to talk to her, despite some of the guys, mostly Asian and Hispanic ones, were giving me bad looks that she was just ignoring them, Peter thought. Even though I asked. Some guys never do that. All they do is just come up to the girl, greet her, and then scare her away. And if a girl does the same thing, they bitch and attack even if she asks as well. Yeah, there’s a double-standard about that which I believe is unfair.
“So, anyway, what is it like in Atlanta, Georgia?” Peter asked. “People, lifestyle..”
“To tell you the truth,” Lucy was about to explain. “I’d say it’s boring. As far as lifestyle goes, there’s not much to do nor many places to see. Not ideal for dating either because of that. People there are boring too because they are so backwards.”
“Have you dated anyone back there?”
“Yes but that was back in middle school and high school. My parents set me up with any Asian and Hispanic guy they could find but I always ended up getting bored with them that I ended up going for White guys but my parents made me ditch them after my Asian and Hispanic dates got into fights with them. In college, I never dated because I went to a vocational school that went by a quarter system which made me too busy because there was a lot of work to be done, which was really difficult, and turned in the next week that I didn’t have enough time to date.”
“That stinks but at least you were always kept busy.”
“Of course I was.”
“Did you find any of those Southern gentlemen handsome and charming in Atlanta?”
“Hardly ever. Most of the people are..” Lucy started to lower her voice. “White and Black Americans, always looking the same, too All-American-looking for my parents and I. Some are trashy rednecks and thugs. It’s not like in Miami where I am now. Lots of diversity and plenty of handsome guys of all sorts, not always American like in Atlanta.”
Peter understood what Lucy said. “I see. Yup, you do find lots of handsome-looking guys here in Miami because it’s so diverse.”
“What about you,” Lucy asked. “Have you dated anyone?”
“I have but that was in my senior year of high school. I dated this Black Haitian girl for eight months but her immigrant parents told her to ditch me for this Black Haitian guy who was her parents’ friend’s son. You know how strict Caribbean and African parents are, especially immigrant ones.”
“Of course. They always want the best for their kids, especially their daughters.”
“Well, anyway this guy was nothing but a bitch. He would never let this girl see me nor talk to me nor any other guy that isn’t similar to them like her parents did. When I did see her, he got into a fight with me, calling me all sorts of racist names but I fought back after training in martial arts, karate and kung fu, for many years since childhood.”
“I have a younger brother that trains in kung fu but he is living and studying in Atlanta.”
“What does he study?”
“Interesting. Does he want to be a journalist?”
“I’d say he does, especially with ESPN and Travel Channel.”
“ESPN and Travel Channel sound neat. With those channels, he gets to travel around.”
“Of course, he does.”
Apparently, Lucy had no idea that Peter would be a martial arts enthusiast like her brother. It seemed quite like a coincidence and Peter on the other hand, didn’t seem to see getting her attention as a contest, considering he asked before having a one-on-one conversation with her. Other than that, he was boyishly handsome with a youthful-looking face, brown hair, green eyes, an ivory complexion, and a fit, athletic figure at six feet.

Once Lucy and her contestants reached the reef aquarium, Lucy was having scary thoughts about it that Stuart noticed how nervous she was.
“I know how you feel,” Stuart said.
“Aren’t those stingrays poisonous?” Lucy asked.
“They can be,” Stuart explained. “Just as long as you don’t touch their tails nor swim over them. You and the rest of your gentlemen will be fine.”
Lucy nodded. “Okay.”
Her nerves were calmed.
Before Lucy and her contestants could dive into the pool filled with fish and other sea creatures, they went into one of the locker rooms to get dressed in one of the scuba diving suits provided by Meet Your Match’s production team as well as the Miami Seaquarium staff in which they would also wear to the Sea Lion and Seal Pool as well as the Dolphin Odyssey pool. When they got out, they put on one of those diving helmets that allowed them to breathe which had cables attached to the back and went into the large, deep pool which was cold at first but became warmer later on as they swam around the tank which was filled with vibrant, lush tropical reefs and various species of colorful fish surrounding them. The view felt quite strange to Lucy because she was looking through a helmet’s lens when she saw slightly large silver fish cross near her path that she flinched, thinking it was some strange, scary creature but she fed it some food from a container she was given as she got in as well as other creatures like sea turtles and stingrays that she and her contestants were petting. Of course, the stingrays didn’t sting them at all because Stuart was with them the whole time along with one of the animal trainers. After all, Lucy thought. This was a fun experience. Swimming with fish, sea turtles, who looked like Squirt from Finding Nemo, and stingrays that didn’t sting us at all. The eels, on the other hand, looked scary because they had these sharp teeth and we couldn’t pet them because they would bite. And I always thought they were electric eels like in The Little Mermaid but they weren’t.

“Sounds like you had fun in the tank,” Nathan said to Lucy as she and the rest of the contestants were following Stuart to the Sea Lion and Seal Pool.
Lucy smiled. “Of course I did. I enjoyed petting and feeding the animals in the tank. The baby sea turtles were so cute that they always wanted to be tickled on their little bellies! But anyway, I normally don’t go scuba diving but it felt like I was without the oxygen tanks replaced with astronaut-looking helmets.”
“Those reef encounter helmets do look like astronaut helmets, even with cables attached to the back. So anyway, have you been on a date to an aquarium before?”
Lucy shook her head. “Nope. I don’t think I ever have. What about you? Have you ever been on a date like this before?”
Nathan shook his head. “Nope, never have. I’ve never dated anyone much either.”
“How come?” Lucy asked.
“I’ve been busy with architectural projects,” Nathan explained.
“So you’re an architect.”
“Basically, that’s what I am. An architectural engineer. Other than that, I went to Catholic school all my life, which means I’m Catholic, starting from elementary school to college and the nuns, priests, deacons, and monks were pretty strict about dating, especially starting with middle school, and that dating had to be in groups, including to dances. So I’ve never been in any serious relationships because of that and also because of work as well.”
“In my case, I dated a half Asian/White American guy in Atlanta when I was in high school but my parents made me ditch him for this Filipino guy they found. Unfortunately, he was a total bitch. Nagging, hating on my friends, including my half Asian/White guy friend, like my parents did, gossiping, and spreading rumors, including ones about my peers.”
“And your parents are from the Philippines.”
“They are and they are very traditional, despite that they’re half Asian/White.”
“Hey, that’s the same thing with my Venezuelan parents. They’re traditional too like most Latino parents. They always want the best for their children like Filipino parents do.”
“Of course they do which is why they’re so strict.”
Lucy knew her parents would be pleased at her for keeping Nathan because even though he was Hispanic and of Venezuelan descent, his family values were similar to hers, strict Catholic family that wanted the best for their children, especially in relationships and marriages. Aside from that, he knew how to charm Lucy in a way she smiled by being confident, that is, as well as his physical appearance. Tall at six-foot-two, fit, athletically-built, well-defined figure, short, black hair, large brown eyes, not-so-macho facial features, a slightly brownish-olive complexion, and a black tribal tattoo wrapped around the upper left arm which Lucy considered to be okay just as long as there wasn’t a lot, which would scare her family. But since Nathan was Hispanic, it wouldn’t matter anyway.

Once Lucy and her contestants reached the Sea Lion and Seal Pool at the Golden Dome, there were sea lions and seals swimming, splashing, and making noises as they were being watched by the training staff. And according to Stuart, as he was instructed by Meet Your Match’s production crew, this was where one contestant would receive a dark red carnation on a group date from Salty, the sea lion, he has trained, for Lucy to give that every guy was eager and desperate to get a dark red carnation, including Nathan, Miguel, and other contestants Lucy’s family approved of.
Lucy better not give Tyler, Jerry, nor any of those White trash boys the group date dark red carnation, Aiden thought. Or else me or any of those other Asian and Hispanic guys are going to tell her parents and then they’ll tell her to kick all of them out and keep her own kind instead. Anyone not Asian nor Hispanic is no good for Lucy at all.
One by one, Lucy and her contestants all dived into the large, deep pool and swam with the sea lions and seals. They were very furry and their whiskers were ticklish, especially to Lucy, who couldn’t help but laugh when one of them kissed her on the cheek. The sea lions and seals were trained not to attack humans, of course, but they were affectionate with Lucy and her contestants that they were enjoying them. Along with swimming with the sea lions and seals, Lucy’s contestants put on a show with them to impress her. They sang, danced, performed stand-up comedy, and other tricks with these animals that Lucy was impressed with some of them. Salty, the sea lion, presented Lucy the group date dark red carnation she could give to one of her contestants.
“I know this is a difficult decision and I’m enjoying spending time with you guys,” Lucy explained to her contestants. “But Nathan,” she called out to him, holding out the long, dark red flower as he came forward. “I would like for you to accept this carnation, por favor.”
“Gracias,” Nathan said as he took the flower.
“De nada,” Lucy replied. She knew her family would be happy with her giving Nathan the group date dark red carnation.
I knew Lucy was going to pick me, Nathan thought. We clicked just fine when we talked and I enjoyed spending time with her, especially in the sea lion and seal swimming pool being surrounded by playful sea lions and seals, including the baby ones we were bottle feeding.

After swimming with sea lions and seals, Lucy and her contestants explored the Crocodile Flats, the Discovery Bay which contained sea turtles, birds, and other wildlife, and the Shark Channel which contained sharks. In addition to that, they faced the Sky Trail in which they walked rickety bridges, suspended ropes, and other balancing obstacles on a safety harness as well as walked planks and tiptoed the tightropes thirty-two feet above the Seaquarium, which scared Lucy and some other contestants in which they thought they were going to fall off but didn’t. As usual, Lucy was always afraid of heights, including roller coasters, ever since she was small that she had to tread carefully on the Sky Trail.
“Facilement, facilement,” Nicholas said in French as he and Lucy were getting down from the Sky Trail. “Ne regardes pas en bas.”
“Whew!” Lucy sighed as she and Nicholas got down from the Sky Trail. “Je ne pensais qu’on était effrayant au premier, mais on n’est pas.”
“Très bien. Je suis joyeux que tu l’aimais.”
“Normalement, j’ai peur des hauteurs,” Lucy explained to Nicholas in French. “Je toujours pense que je vais tomber en bas.”
Whoa! Is Lucy speaking French to Nick? Oscar thought. I mean, it sounds like it is but I can’t understand a single word they are saying because I don’t speak French nor can I understand it. What is up between Lucy and Nick? It’s like she has a thing for Euro guys.

Later on, Lucy and her contestants visited the Manatee Exhibit which she wanted to see that they got the opportunity to feed them and pet them as well. The manatees were large, yet funny-looking, gentle, and affectionate that they also got to play with them, including the baby manatees who were so small, yet cute and adorable, despite that they were slightly slippery. After that, Lucy and her contestants relaxed in the picnic area and had a lunch provided by Meet Your Match’s production crew after walking around a lot at the Seaquarium.
“So how are you liking Miami so far, especially this Seaquarium?” Calvin asked.
“Miami,” Lucy answered. “I like it a lot better than Atlanta. Lots of things to do and see. And this Seaquarium, it looks like a theme park to me rather than just an aquarium because it’s outdoors.”
“It does. Doesn’t it?” Miguel said.
Lucy nodded. “Of course, like Sea World or even that Six Flags Marine World.”
“Six Flags Marine World, that theme park in Vallejo which is close to San Francisco, I’ve been there before,” Miguel explained. “Not bad. Lots of tourists go there.”
“It was Marine World when I was small,” Lucy said. “But I heard it’s changed into Six Flags instead.”
At least I got a chance to talk to Lucy again, Miguel thought. I swear those other guys, especially those ones her family seems to hate the most, White guys that is, were always beating me to her but I want to spend more time alone with her and get to know her more, like go on a one-on-one date with her. Take her to Little Havana, spend some private time in the beach, maybe watch the sun set or so. But I’ve got to ask her parents first.

After having lunch, Lucy went to the Tropical Wings exhibit with her contestants in which they encountered very noisy, yet playful and affectionate cockatiels and macaws as well as the least noisy flamingos and peacocks and then pet stingrays again in the Stingray Touch Pool with the guidance of Stuart so that no one would be stung.

And then there was the Dolphin Odyssey in which Lucy and her contestants swam with the dolphins, fed them, and played with them. Of course, these dolphins were very noisy as usual but they were affectionate too, despite that they felt quite soft yet slippery but they were very playful that they were always jumping and splashing into the pool which made Lucy and her contestants enjoy it.

After all, the Miami Seaquarium was an enjoyable group date, Lucy thought. We spent all day encountering sea animals, crocs, and birds as well as go on the Sky Trail which was scary and fun at the same time. I really enjoyed these guys and they enjoyed me as well. Of course, there was not much crazy drama among them because we were all having fun since we were swimming with sea lions, seals, and dolphins. Most of these animals are like children while the infant ones are just like infants. They’re so cute and cuddly that people could carry them and cradle them!

Andi Dorfman As The Next Bachelorette For Season 10? Expect Racist Drama And Controversy Coming From Her WASP Guys And Her Family

Another White Bachelorette lead this year because Sharleen, who’s Asian and Aboriginal, couldn’t do it because of her busy schedule as an opera singer. :(

Apparently, it is said Andi Dorfman, an attorney from Atlanta, GA will be the new Bachelorette, even though she’s White. Yes, another White Bachelorette lead again and this time, I believe that season 10 of The Bachelorette will be filled with White North American guys and her all-American Southern parents being racist and xenophobic towards non-White, non-North American guys which will erupt in to controversy. The reason why I say this is because Andi’s parents, most notably her father, seemed very racist and xenophobic towards Juan Pablo on The Bachelor just because he is a Hispanic guy with a foreign accent who comes from Venezuela from what I’ve read as if they wanted her to marry a White American guy only. If she had a White American guy her parents approved up show up on the Bachelor shouting racial and xenophobic slurs and trying to kill Juan Pablo, Juan Pablo would definitely have him arrested for sure! People should know how racist Southern parents are, especially White Southern parents. Of course, I can imagine her White North American guys saying racist, xenophobic stuff about Juan Pablo as well. Sure, people would like to see racism, xenophobia, prejudice, and bigotry among guys and coming from families on The Bachelorette as well as guys getting arrested and taken away by the cops from the competition for being violent towards other guys as well. In other words, we can expect a racist, xenophobic, prejudiced, bigoted season of The Bachelorette this year and beyond. There have been racist, xenophobic, prejudiced, bigoted guys before but this time, I believe it will be worse than that.

And for a sneak peek at the contestants, this is what I believe her guys will look like. Ones her parents will like and ones her parents will hate even if she wants to choose them.

White North American guys who speak English only are definitely going to be Andi’s family favorites.

Although this is Ryan Bowers from The Bachelorette season 8, this is an example of what Andi’s White North American, English-speaking contestants will look like. Expect racism and xenophobia coming from them towards non-White, non-North American contestants with foreign accents even though they are Andi’s family favorites.

Anyone who isn’t White, North American, and/or has a foreign accent are going to be hated by Andi’s parents.

A model-looking Romanian contestant by the name of Robert Niculescu, I believe, from The Bachelorette Romania is an example of a European foreign guy. If this guy competes for Andi on The Bachelorette Season 10 here in America, he will be under a lot of xenophobic attacks coming from her parents and White North American, English-only speaking contestants. Even her parents will kick him out for being foreign and too handsome without her consent just like any other European guy. Plus, they will mock his accent like Andi’s White North American guys. And if there is a handsome contestant from Russia, Ukraine, or any other Eastern Bloc country, those White North American guys will call him “Russkie”, or any other derogatory name for any guy from Russia, Ukraine, or any Eastern Bloc country.

This contestant from The Bachelorette India is an example. He goes by the name of Karan Sagoo. And since he is an Asian guy from India, Andi’s parents and/or her White North American guys will call him a “Stinky Curry Muncher” and other derogatory terms for Indian and other Asian guys if he were selected as a contestant on The Bachelorette season 10 here in the USA. Even guys that are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, etc. will also be called derogatory names like “Chinky”, “Gook”, “Flip”, “Yellow Face”, etc. by White North American guys and her parents, even if these Asian guys are born in the USA or Canada and are US or Canadian citizens.

Black men competing in Andi’s season of The Bachelorette this year are definitely going to be more likely under racist attacks by White North-American contestants and her parents calling them the most derogatory N-Word which will erupt into headlines and controversy with Black contestants complaining about racism towards them on the show, even if they are legalized North American citizens.

Hispanic men will definitely be seen as being like Juan Pablo, especially if they are from Latin America or even born in North America, and will be called racist names like “Spic”, etc. by White North American contestants and Andi’s parents who will see them as like Juan Pablo as well.

Native American men will be called “Savages” and other derogatory names by Andi’s WASP guys and parents.

Pacific Islander men will be hated on and mocked in Andi’s season of The Bachelorette as well, especially if they have weird sounding names.

Any man who is Middle Eastern/North African will be judged as dangerous terrorists by Andi’s WASP guys and parents and can get eliminated early on.

Last but not least, mixed race men will be subject to the worst discrimination by Andi’s pure WASP contestants and her parents for being confusing, ambiguous, and too attractive that her parents will force them out without her consent. Most parents don’t want their daughters to date and marry mixed men. They want monoracials. Even mixed race guys on the show will be called “Mutts”, “Half-Breeds”, “Half-Caste”, etc. by Andi’s WASP guys. That means any White guy who is mixed with Black, Asian, Hispanic, Native, Arab, and/or Pacific Islander. They will be judged as not White enough for Andi.

So therefore, it’s going to be a WASP North American vs. non-North American White and non-White season of The Bachelorette this year. I can imagine WASP North American guys telling non-North American White guys and non-White guys in their faces that if they aren’t White Anglos then they aren’t good enough for Andi. Even her parents as well. This is where her parents will be manipulative which will result into her having arguments with them as to who she wants to choose and who she should choose because her parents seemed pretty manipulative of her in the ninth episode of The Bachelor already and it seems like they will most likely be manipulative of her on The Bachelorette season 10, similar to the Bachelorette-like character I’m currently writing about, except her parents are half Asian/White being born in the Philippines.

But wait, there’s another favorite front runner and it’s Clare who’s half Mexican. If Clare is selected to be the next Bachelorette for season 10, one can expect Spanish-speaking guys ganging up on non-Spanish speaking guys, especially English speakers, and her parents, especially her dad who is Irish, I believe, and might speak Spanish and must have lived in Spain or Latin America, pressuring her to choose Spanish guys over non-Spanish guys since she speaks Spanish. This racist drama would also happen if Clare is named as the new Bachelorette as well, knowing girls are usually pressured by their families to choose anyone similar to them, especially in terms of race and citizenship.

The Bachelor Season 18′s Sharleen Joynt: New Bachelorette For The Bachelorette Season 10 (Asian VS Non-Asian Bachelors)

Even though The Bachelorette franchise has featured White lead Bachelorettes for the last nine seasons, it’s been nothing but bland. Apparently, I came across an article on, saying that Sharleen Joynt should be the next Bachelorette for season 10 of The Bachelorette, which will make her the first Asian Bachelorette since there have been no minority leads for the past ten years. It’s just like Juan Pablo Galavis being the Bachelor for season 18 of The Bachelor, except he’s Hispanic. Sharleen may be Asian but she is also White and Canadian Aborigine coming from the father’s side but looks more Asian than White. Once she is announced, that will make Desiree Hartstock the last White Bachelorette and will spark racist comments, saying that Sharleen isn’t Asian enough, etc. In addition to that, here are some pros and cons of Sharleen Joynt as the next Bachelorette.


1. She’s honest
Sharleen had us at “Seriously?” and really won us over with “Sure.” We drifted a bit when she kept calling Juan Pablo “Sir” but that was just first night jitters. What’s great about Sharleen is she says what she feels — and not just to the cameras or the other girls. She was surprised to get the first impression rose, and she showed it. She had concerns about her relationship with Juan Pablo, so they talked about it. He asked her about kids, and she told him the truth, knowing it could be a dealbreaker. That JPG basically blew off what she actually said is his own problem, but it speaks highly of Sharleen. The girl talks truth, and not just behind people’s backs. There’s no artifice for her, no faking more emotions than she feels, no treating this like a pageant or a job interview. That’s so blessedly rare.

2. She’s unique
Yeah, she’s awkward. She’s not flirtatious. She’s probably not the life of any party. And she desperately needs Arie Luyendyk, Jr.’s kissing school. But we’ve never seen anyone like her on the show before. She’s fresh. She’s smart. She’s quirky-funny. And she mentioned the cameras — she broke the fourth wall of production, and no one has done that. Who is this marvelous alien rebel and are there more of her coming?

3. She’s realistic
It’s easy for contestants to lose themselves in Bachelor fantasyland, then snap out of it when they get home. Sharleen is definitely not just flattered to be noticed and she’s not giving us the impression that she’s there to “win.” She wasn’t 100 percent sure about JPG from the beginning — and why should she be when she just met the guy? She continued to have doubts on Episode 4, but she’s slowly warming up to him. It’s not like she isn’t trying — she even moved in for the kiss on Ep 3 — but everything is on a real human schedule. And if JPG isn’t the one, he isn’t the one. She’s not the type to just get swept away by the “process.”

4. She has “mundo”!
Sharleen is a worldly woman who traveled to Bachelor Nation from Heidelberg, Germany. She’s not one of the giggling cheerleader-esque “woo!” girls who are immediately into whatever guy happens to be handing out roses. Even the way she dressed on the first night showed JPG that she’s different in a good way — more sophisticated and cultured. (Grown sexy?) We’re down for a classy season of The Bachelorette, with the men cast to woo her having to really earn her respect instead of just taking their shirts off.

5. She probably doesn’t want to do it
Shar is someone who needs to be won over, and that’s a good thing. The Powers That Be shouldn’t just give the Bachelor/ette job to whoever wants it the most, or whoever seems really sweet or really hot or just really willing to get married on TV this time next year. Give it to someone who probably isn’t there to get more TV time, and who maybe doesn’t even know how the hell she got on TV to begin with. This “journey” takes dark turns and fans tend to fall in and out of love with the rose-givers. Shar doesn’t seem like she’s very impressionable; she probably wouldn’t let herself be led too much by the producers and if fans didn’t like her during certain points, she seems strong enough to take it. If she said yes, it would probably be for “the right reasons” with no monetary or fame-related agenda. Not that she doesn’t deserve those, too…


1. Asian bachelors ganging up and hating on non-Asian and mixed race bachelors, mostly mixed with White and/or Black
In other words, some of us can imagine Asian bachelors being racist towards non Asian and mixed race bachelors, White and/or Black, especially those who are White and Asian mixed with White and/or Black, just like in the Bachelorette-like novel I’m writing right now, except it’s Asian and Latino bachelors ganging up and hating on non-Asian, non-Latino, and anyone mixed with White and/or Black. Of course, in the case of Sharleen, those Asian bachelors who start racist drama and controversy against the non-Asian and mixed race, mostly White and/or Black, bachelors will eventually get eliminated, even for being violent towards them as well. But wait, anyone who looks and possibly sounds similar to Sharleen, which also includes Hispanic, Pacific Islander, and Native American/Canadian bachelors, will also join Asian bachelors in being racist towards anyone that isn’t like them nor Sharleen and therefore will be eliminated for their racism and bigotry along with the Asian bachelors. So it’s not just Asians who will be racist towards anyone that isn’t similar.

2. Parental pressure to choose one’s own race or similar
Since Sharleen’s mother is Chinese and her dad a mix of White and Canadian Aborigine, they will be racist towards anyone who is Black and Middle Eastern, especially if they are Muslim, as well as Whites if her dad doesn’t appear White that much and then favor the Asian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, and Native bachelors over the ones who don’t belong in any of these groups as well as embarrass the outsiders and tolerate the similar-looking ones ganging up on them. If the Asian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, and Native bachelors get eliminated, especially by being bigoted and racist towards anyone not like them, her parents will eventually get angry at her and pressure her to keep them while eliminating the ones who don’t fit the “similar” group even if those Asian, Hispanic and Native bachelors are crazy, manly bitches. In other words, The Bachelorette season 10 will involve Sharleen’s parents in categorizing bachelors according to race as well as stereotyping them.

And here is what I believe Sharleen’s bachelors will look like but won’t be actual contestants

This is just an example. And yes, I can imagine Asian, Hispanic, Native, and Pacific Islander guys on The Bachelorette season 10 when Sharleen is announced as the new Bachelorette. They will be pitting against White, Black, Arab, and mixed race guys, mostly mixed with White and/or Black.

What Sharleen’s mom and dad will approve of. They will be most likely crazy bachelors from hell if they start acting bitchy and catty as well as violent towards the different and weird bachelors, which may also result in them being arrested and taken away from the competition by the police.

East Asian/Central Asian(rare in North America)—Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian(Buryat, Kalmyk, Mongol, if not rare in North America), Kazakh(rare), Uzbek(rare), etc.

Southeast Asian—Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian, Malaysian, Indonesian, etc.

South Asian—Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc.

Pacific Islander

Native American/Canadian


What Sharleen’s mom and dad will disapprove of. They will most likely be more stable and respectful even if Sharleen’s parents hate them.



Black. Lerone from The Bachelorette season 8 is an example.

White. Brooks from The Bachelorette season 9 is an example. Of course, anyone with blond and red hair will also risk getting ganged up on by Asian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, and Native American/Canadian bachelors, humiliated and/or insulted by Sharleen’s parents, and/or eliminated as well.

Black/White mix. Even Sharleen’s parents might disapprove of Native Americans and Canadians, Pacific Islanders, and/or Hispanics mixed with White and/or Black just like Asians mixed with White and/or Black. Same goes for Middle Easterners mixed with White and/or Black. They might be seen as Muslim terrorists only by Sharleen’s parents and her contestants in which they will shout anti-Islamic slurs.

Arab/North African/Middle Eastern, especially Muslims

Of course, these weird and different bachelors will risk being humiliated and/or insulted by Sharleen’s parents as well as ganged up on by bachelors that are similar to her and her parents for having “Asian fetish” and/or “yellow fever” that is. Above all, I believe season 10 of The Bachelorette will be very controversial, especially with the race card drama among contestants that are similar to Sharleen in which they are racist, prejudiced, and bigoted towards contestants different from them, Sharleen, and her family which will result in them getting eliminated. It can happen with other minority and mixed race lead Bachelorettes too just like the ones vying for the lead spot such as Dr. Misee Harris who is Black and Danielle Ronco who is half Black/White, for example. Race card drama in which contestants of the same race or similar are racist towards contestants of different races. So in other words, when a minority or mixed race Bachelorette is announced, like Sharleen, for example, expect race card drama and controversy among the contestants.

Poll: Minority Or Mixed Race Bachelorette For Season 10 Of The Bachelorette This Year

Vote: Which Bachelor Season 18 minority or mixed race contestant do you want as the new Bachelorette for The Bachelorette season 10 now that five minority and mixed race girls were eliminated so far? Or do you want Dr. Misee Harris from Columbia, Tennessee to become the new Bachelorette for season 10 of The Bachelorette this year since she didn’t make season 9 last year? What are your thoughts? Why or why not would you want a minority Bachelorette for season 10 of The Bachelorette? Please comment if you like.

Book Review: Becoming Marie Antoinette

Stay tuned. There’s two more Becoming Marie Antoinette books to come.

This is the first historical novel I’ve read in quite a long time. Becoming Marie Antoinette describes Marie Antoinette’s early years as a princess in Vienna, Austria in the mid-1760s when she was only ten years old and still studying under a tutor. As the book progresses, she undergoes a makeover by the time she reaches her adolescent years to fit within the Versailles palace in Paris, France since her mother the empress Maria Theresa has arranged a marriage for her to Louis XVI the prince of France. Yeah, she also gets braces to straighten her crooked teeth and back in those days, braces must have been more painful than today. In other words, they were quite heavy.

Other than that, her sisters get married off, especially with one of them marrying an Italian Neopolitan king Ferdinand who is said to not be desirable nor handsome enough either just like Louis XVI and eventually she ends up unhappy sounding like she’s looking somewhere, probably for a manstress, because she doesn’t love her husband at all. After Marie’s makeover, she arrives to the Versailles chateau in Paris, France and meets Louis XVI. He’s nothing but a bitch since she started initiating conversation with him first. Back then, women were expected to be silent around men and not initiate anything first with them, or else men would be bitchy towards them and that caused Louis to be that way with Marie and even today, men can still be bitchy towards women who make the first approach and initiate conversation with them because they still want to be in charge and wear the pants all the time. But anyway, Louis is neither charming nor handsome enough and by the time Marie marries him, she eventually gets bored and tired with him, causing her to meet her manstress, the Swedish aristocrat Axel Von Fersen, who is more handsome and charming than Louis XVI. Aside from Marie Antoinette’s marriage to Louis XVI, there’s gossip and intrigue, especially political intrigue, in the court of Versailles that Marie goes through.

This book kind of reminds me of the 2006 movie which was pretty wild with all the pastel colors, especially in the chapter where Marie meets Louis, except in the movie, Louis didn’t seem bitchy. He was rather boring like in the book that Marie was behaving irresponsibly and the next thing you know, she meets Axel Von Fersen and Louis didn’t seem to threaten him like most husbands would back in the olden days, even now. He was even okay with manstress Von Fersen helping the family escape during the French Revolution which happens in later Becoming Marie Antoinette books. But overall, this novel is to be continued until her execution in 1793.

Chapter 2: One Big Night

In the evening, Lucy was in a hotel room all dressed up in a long, royal purple, ruched, fitted, one-shoulder fishtail gown while the production crew was filming her having her hair and makeup done. She was always beautiful indeed that it would never look obvious in Miami that she was half Asian and Caucasian with long, thick, wavy black hair (although it was tied in a low bun for now), large, rounded brown eyes with long curly lashes, a small, pointed, slightly upturned nose in which she could see a high nose bridge with each eye, full rosy lips, and an oval face that wasn’t flat but rather protruding or so—none of which could make her look Mongoloid but rather more Caucasoid instead even though she had a golden complexion that could change back and forth between light and tan. In addition to that, she looked young for her age as well like she was still in her twenties even though she never dressed like a twenty-something at all.

When Lucy arrived to the chateau all nicely-dressed with Rob and the production crew, she saw how large it was and that it looked French. It was floating on a moat.
“Let’s take a look inside,” a nicely-dressed Rob suggested.
“I can’t wait to see what it looks like!” Lucy wanted to go in.
Rob opened the limousine door and escorted Lucy to the chateau as the production crew followed them. As Lucy went inside, she saw how beautiful and exquisite it looked. The interiors were large and the decorations and furniture looked mostly Rococo with some Renaissance elements to it as if it were a palace, like the Versailles in Paris, France or something, especially with the crystal chandeliers. What was unusual was there was a basement that also had many rooms, including a wine cellar and a movie theater, which sounded uncommon for a Florida home. In the exterior, there were three patios, two on both sides and one in the back with a swimming pool that had a fountain in the middle and an abstract structure on a hill across from the back with a fountain in front. The upstairs section had many rooms like the downstairs and basement sections and it also had intricate, chic, classic decorations and furniture, including the master bedroom which would be Lucy’s. It was quite Marie Antoinette-like even though it was mostly pink with hints of pastel blue, gold, and ivory. Of course, pink was Lucy’s favorite color and she loved the look and feel of her room, especially the canopy bed. Then there was the large bathroom which had the usual sink, shower, large tub, and separate toilet room. It looked classy and sensuous, especially with the tub.

“So, how do you like this place so far, now that you’ll be living here for a while?” Rob began asking Lucy while there were in the interview room as the production crew was filming them.
“It’s beautiful like I’m in a fairy tale palace,” Lucy answered. “I’ve always read fairy tale stories and watched Disney fairy tale movies but I never believed in them due to my upbringing, even though I lived in Atlanta since the age of ten after moving from San Francisco, California in 1993 where I was originally born, which makes me more of a Western girl versus a Southern girl and Georgia peach. I believed in fairy tales when I was living there but when I moved to Atlanta, everything changed. People saw fairy tales as crazy stuff.”
“To them, they think fairy tales are all about love and romance which they hate just because they are hard-pressed on moral values and don’t believe in love overall. Relationships and marriages are determined and defined, mostly by background, including race, just like me with my ex-husband. I also forgot to mention that my ex-husband was very feisty and violent after he discovered I was cheating on him via text with a White guy which ruined the phone bill as well as with other guys on the Internet.”
“I forgot to ask you about what your ex-husband was like before but I apologize.”
“That’s okay.”
“But anyway, that was harsh and destructive in the way your ex-husband reacted. Did you seek counseling for your marriage problems?”
“No, we couldn’t because there was no one who could understand our culture because most counselors in Atlanta were White and Black American and we couldn’t trust them. So I had to split up with him earlier this year instead after four years of boredom and suppression from him and his family.”
“And moving here to Miami was the right choice.”
“Of course. It was just for me to run away from him.”
“Where exactly is he living now?”
“In the Philippines with his family, thankfully. There is no way he can be here in America with his attitude. Refusing to assimilate into American and Western culture and all. He also came from a strict upbringing.”
“I get it. And with you living in your own apartment, at least you can do whatever you want.”
“I can but since my parents live close by, I still have to obey them, even when it comes to dating while my younger brother who is 28 gets to choose whomever he wants since he is a guy.”
“That’s unfair. But anyway, what does he do for a living?”
“He is a sports and entertainment journalist and blogger.”
“That’s interesting.”
“He gets to attend sporting and various entertainment events and mingle with athletes and celebrities.”
“Sounds like he’s got a star-studded life in a way.”
“I’d say so. In fact I’ve made a blog for him since I’m a web programmer and designer working for myself.”
“Amazing. At least you can take breaks whenever you want.”

During the break, Lucy had dinner in one of the trailers parked outside the chateau that the caterers provided since she was a bit hungry. It was going to be a while before her contestants arrived and her parents called, saying that they were coming over later on which made her nervous even though it was the first episode. There is going to be trouble, she thought.

After dinner, Lucy was with Rob in the front section of the chateau and the production crew was filming them.
“How do you feel about meeting your gentlemen, or princes, tonight?” Rob asked.
Lucy shrugged. “Excited yet nervous at the same time because of my family,” Lucy answered. “They’ll be coming over to see what how they are.”
“And there are 40 gentlemen who will want to meet you tonight. All from the Miami area.”
“Some my family will like and some my family won’t.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll keep them at bay if I can.”
“You’re welcome.” Rob then said to the camera, “Here is a sneak peek at the 40 gentlemen who will be competing for Lucy.”
“And cut!” Jose called out. When it was time for the contestants to arrive later on, Jose called, “Action!” and then started filming them arriving to the chateau from each limo one by one. The first ten were Asian, Hispanic, and Hispasian, mixed with Asian and Hispanic. They were very handsome with dark hair and medium skin, tall, fit and well-dressed. Their names were Edgar Viloria, aged 33 from Hialeah, Nathan Jimenez, aged 30 from Miami Beach, Dylan Palencia, aged 34, moved in from Los Angeles, California and now lived in Miami, Ernesto Medina, aged 36, moved in from San Juan, Puerto Rico and now lived in Boca Raton, Jared Galang, aged 30 from Fort Lauderdale, Miguel Santos, aged 34 from North Miami, Felipe Ortiz, aged 29 from Key Biscayne, Terry Sandoval, aged 31 from Homestead, Paul Rojas, aged 35, moved in from Dallas, Texas and now lived in Coral Gables, and João Yamamoto, aged 37, moved in from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and now lived in West Palm Beach.
Lucy was impressed that there were Filipino bachelors like Edgar, Dylan, JR, and Felipe. And JR gave Lucy a sterling silver diamond heart necklace and she was quite impressed. Some of the Hispanic ones like Isaac, Miguel, and Terry impressed her with Latin dancing while Paul impressed her with a Texas Southern accent he spoke in. Typical Latino Southern gentleman, Lucy thought. And Paul was Honduran. The other handsome, tall, fit bachelors in this group impressed her as well, especially with João who was Brazilian and Japanese who looked like he was Filipino, and there were ten more of the similar background that came as well. Their names were Calvin Hernandez, aged 38 from Aventura, Arturo Ong, aged 31 from Delray Beach, Eric Choi, aged 34, moved in from Buenos Aires, Argentina and now lived in Miramar, Johnny Gomez, aged 29 from Miami Gardens, Alan Guerrero, aged 30, moved in from Baltimore, Maryland and now lived in West Palm Beach, Francis De La Cruz, aged 33 from Plantation, Derek Mendes, aged 39 from Miami, Oscar Perez, aged 31 from Pembroke Pines, and Walter Fajardo, aged 35 from Coral Springs, and Ricardo, or Rico, Calderón, aged 32 from Hollywood.

Lucy knew her family would also like these other ten bachelors who were like the previous ten and they sure impressed her especially the Hispasian ones like Arturo who was Venezuelan, Filipino, and Chinese, Eric who was Argentinean and Korean, and Oscar who was Filipino, Malaysian, and Panamanian despite that they were looking mostly Asian with a hint of Hispanic and they also spoke Spanish. As usual, the bachelors in this group were handsome, tall, fit and nicely-dressed like the previous group. Of course, Alan who was Filipino like Walter was, surprised her with a flower shell pin he got from a trip to the Philippines. So far, the Hispanic bachelors above all, were very handsome. And the Hispanic, Asian, and Hispasian bachelors were what Lucy’s parents wanted. But there were more nicely-dressed, tall, fit, handsome bachelors that came and Lucy and Rob knew that they would be of the non-Asian and non-Hispanic kind. The ones that didn’t fit this group were Scott Moore, aged 33 from Sunrise, Steve Maier, aged 36, moved in from Portland, Oregon and now lived in Homestead, Andy Richmond, aged 30 from Hallandale Beach, Kyle O’Grady, aged 38 from North Miami Beach, Jerry Chapman, aged 35 from Miami, Adrian Sorensen, aged 29, moved in from Copenhagen, Denmark and now lived in Fort Lauderdale, Filippo Bartalotti, aged 32, moved in from Milan, Italy and now lived in Miami Beach, Tyler Armstrong, aged 31, moved in from Atlanta, Georgia and now lived in Miami, Clay Hendricks, aged 36 from Pinecrest, and Giovanni D’Ambrosio, aged 34 from Coral Gables.

Lucy knew that her family would be somewhat impressed with Filippo and Giovanni because they were Italian except that Giovanni was an American-born Italian with a New York accent that Lucy liked since he was born in Long Island, New York. But for other Caucasian contestants such as Ken, Jerry, Adrian, Tyler, and Clay, there would be a problem. Scott, Jerry, Tyler, and Clay were Americans while Adrian was from Denmark and these contestants wouldn’t meet her family values even though she was intrigued by them, especially Adrian’s uniqueness for a Dane. Short brown hair styled in an unusual way, large blue eyes, a long, straight, proportioned, narrow nose, full lips, and an oval-shaped face as well as an ivory complexion that wasn’t pale. Even the contestants who were mixed with Caucasian would have it worse despite their attractiveness like Andy who was half Caucasian and African who looked less African due to his lightly tanned complexion, Steve who was Japanese, Norwegian, Belgian, and Seminole Indian, and Kyle who was Filipino, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh, having features that made him and even Steve look confusing, harder to tell whether they were Asian or Caucasian, despite their his and Steve’s dark hair and Eurasian-looking dark eyes which would definitely confuse her family, despite that they were very intrigued by her which she was thinking would cause the Asian bachelors to accuse them of “yellow fever” and/or “Asian fetish” just because they were also Caucasian, despite that she wasn’t fully Asian but rather Amerasian and Eurasian all in one.

Then there were ten more tall, handsome, fit, nicely-dressed bachelors that Lucy’s family would also not approve of and somewhat approve of. They were also Caucasian, mixed with Caucasian, African, and Middle Eastern. Their names were Peter Kovac, aged 31 from Miami Beach, Marcus Lundberg, aged 30, moved in from Stockholm, Sweden and now lived in Pompano Beach, Matt, or Mathieu, Bergeron, aged 34 from Fort Lauderdale, Anthony, or Antoniy, Gruzinsky, aged 40, moved in from Washington DC and now lived in Gladeview, Mohammed Fazir, aged 36 from Boynton Beach, Christopher Robinson, aged 32 from Norland, Nicholas Poulain, aged 39, moved in from Paris, France and now lived in Coral Gables, Trent Kirschner, aged 30 from Miami Beach, Ron Neiman, aged 29 from West Palm Beach, and Dion Hronopolous, aged 35 from Hollywood.

Lucy was okay with Dion because he was Greek and also Peter because he was Czech. Christopher was a big worry because he was African and Lucy’s family wouldn’t tolerate anyone with dark skin and Lucy was never attracted to Africans either. Mohammed was Iranian and Lucy thought he could be Muslim. Lucy thought Ron could be Jewish due to his last name despite that he was handsome-looking with brown hair, brown eyes and a sun-kissed tanned complexion. Marcus was also a concern because he was Swedish even though he had light brown hair with caramel highlights, blue eyes and a bit of facial scruff that made him look Viking but less aggressive despite that he spoke in a North American accent. Nicholas, same thing because he was French mixed with Moroccan even though he had black hair and hazel eyes as well as a medium complexion like some French did and Lucy had spoken in French with him by saying “Bonjour” to greet him and other French phrases as well as Matt who was half Korean and French Canadian which was just as worse and Matt looked very Eurasian like Steve and Kyle. Trent sure was intriguing because he looked unique to Lucy. Although Anthony was an American-born Russian, he looked like he was in his mid-thirties, despite that he was forty years old due to the fact that his complexion was tanned and that he had dark blond hair and blue eyes and slightly chiseled facial features followed by a hint of facial scruff. Her parents would be somewhat okay with that since he was of Russian descent and some of the Russian guys that Lucy encountered in Miami looked younger, including American-born ones. And she even greeted him in Russian, which he knew, by saying, “Privyet” and they exchanged some Russian words and phrases as well. Sure these bachelors were very attracted to Lucy but there would be competition coming from Asian, Hispanic, and Hispasian bachelors that would blend in better with her family, especially more for the Caucasian-Americans who sounded more Americanized, and those mixed with Caucasian as well as Christopher and Mohammed.

When Lucy came in, she shared a toast of red wine with her contestants in the large living room. She was enjoying all of them and getting to know each and every one of them. They all had graduated from four-year colleges and universities with bachelor’s and master’s degrees and good-paying jobs such as lawyers, dentists, doctors, business owners, artists, producers, writers, engineers, etc. which was acceptable, even to Lucy’s family. They always wanted her to marry someone who was well-educated and had a good-paying job like Jeff did because they always believed that a man should be the sole provider of everything by having a lot more money than the woman.

After the photo session with her contestants, Lucy asked Clay, a resort owner and personal trainer, to go home because she was not attracted to him at all nor did she like him, because he had red hair and fair skin that was obviously freckled. His hazel eyes didn’t matter but it was just that she never liked ginger-haired, fair-skinned guys, especially those with freckles, that much like most girls would not unless they had brown hair with a small hint of red which made it look cinnamon and auburn or blond hair with a small hint of red which made it look strawberry blond by less as well as a medium complexion with little to no freckles, just like most slightly red-headed guys in Miami she saw. Even her parents, especially her mother, would think that Clay was too pale for her. In addition to that, he also had a beard which made it worse. Lucy never liked guys with beards at all because she thought they were gross. Minimal facial hair was fine for her. In other words, it left Clay very devastated and disappointed that he couldn’t have a chance with Lucy.
That means I’ve got to color my hair either blond or brunette, tan myself, and shave my beard, Clay thought. Because no girl ever likes a guy with red hair, fair skin, especially with freckles, nor a beard. It grosses them out, not unless they are as cute as the actor Robert Pattinson or that young red-headed guy from the Boston Bruins NHL hockey team for example. Sure, girls with red hair and fair skin, even with freckles like Pippi Longstocking for instance, are considered attractive but guys with red hair and
fair skin, even with freckles, no way. It’s considered ugly and yes, there’s a bunch of handsome, male model-looking, non-ginger, overall medium-skinned guys and even a dark-skinned Black guy (whom I believe will be kicked out tonight) in the palace that I don’t even have a chance against them. Sure, I’m a nice guy but everyone thinks I look like the Aurora, Colorado shooter with a beard, that is. Same with Lucy. My goodness, she is such a douchebag! She’s so shallow and vain!

In addition to that, Lucy also asked Arturo, a banker, to go home because he proposed to her too soon before he went inside the chateau. He was desperate to get married right away. To her, that is. And she had a feeling her parents were going to be mad at her for kicking him out.

All of a sudden, Lucy and Trent were having a one-on-one conversation as they sat on the sofa.
“So, where are you from?” Lucy asked.
“I’m from Miami Beach but I moved in from New York City three years ago,” Trent answered. “I was born in Istanbul, Turkey and moved here when I was four.”
Lucy was surprised. “Oh wow! I have relatives up in New York.”
“Anyway, what made you move to Miami from New York?”
“The cost of living is very high and plus, it’s always cold there during the winter, which is very dreary.”
“I don’t like cold weather very much, either. I used to live in Atlanta, Georgia and it gets cold during the winter on average. I never liked it at all and plus, it’s boring with not much to do since it was like a small town so I decided to move here to Miami instead which was eight months ago.”
“How long did you live in Atlanta?”
“I lived there for twenty years even though I originally lived in San Francisco, where I was born, for ten years which was more exciting.”
“I heard Atlanta is a really awful city.”
“Traffic there is terrible and the attitudes of people I’ve been around with are backward and narrow-minded. It’s not a diverse city at all compared to here, New York, and San Francisco. The majority of the people there are White and Black American while Hispanic, Asian, Native American, and Middle Eastern are the small minority. So there’s segregation among people there as well as stereotypes.”
“Is that so? Were you always stereotyped?”
“Of course I was, especially since I majored in Graphic Design. People would never take Asians with those jobs seriously. They always thought of Asians as doctors, nurses, dentists, engineers, massage therapists, people who work at the dry cleaners, and nail salons only because that’s where most Asians work. And I’m not fully Asian even though my parents were born in the Philippines. My mom is also White American and my dad is also Spanish and Dutch.”
Trent laughed a little. “It’s no wonder those Hispanic guys here, including Miguel, are really drawn to you. They’re always thinking you’re Hispanic like them. And then there’s Italian and Greek guys like Giovanni, Filippo, and Dion thinking you’re Italian and Greek as well as half Asian and White ones like Steve, Kyle, and Matt thinking you’re half Asian and White like they are.”
“Obviously, I could be what is described as Eurasian and Amerasian,” Lucy explained. “Even Mohammed who is Iranian thinks I’m Middle Eastern and Nicolas who is French and Moroccan thinks I’m French and North African.”
Trent smiled. “You do seem interesting in a unique way.”
Lucy blushed a little. “Thank you sir. You could say that.”
“I mean, I’m also in a similar situation,” Trent explained. “My mom being Turkish and my dad being German and Greek. People have seen me as exotic and unique but have never excluded me in any way even though I’ve lived in New York and Miami since those cities are very diverse.”
“Same in San Francisco where I spent ten years. Atlanta, no way. People get confused easily by me and even the rest of my family. And most Asian people, since there aren’t many have thought I was being White just because I’m a web designer, including my ex-husband and his family who are fully Filipino and are engineers. They always thought any art and design-related job was for White and Black people only.”
“That sounds prejudiced.”
“It does but there are White and Black people with art and design-related jobs here. Same goes for business owners.”
“Of course there are.”
“Anyway, what do you do for a living?” Lucy asked.
“I’m a photographer and a graphic designer, Trent answered. “I have a studio in the Design District.”
“I went by there earlier in the day and it looks very interesting.”
“I’m glad you liked it.”
“I did, especially the art galleries since I like art which also includes drawing and painting.”
“I’ve visited the art galleries before and of course, I like art as well and I draw and paint, even during my spare time.”
Slightly further away, JR, a biomedical engineer, and some Filipino contestants like Francis, a financial consultant, Alan, a financial advisor who was a former Navy seal, Dylan, an audio engineer, and Felipe, a dentist, were looking at Lucy suspiciously as she was talking to Trent. The question they were asking each other was, “Does she really like Trent just because he’s like half White and Middle Eastern or something?”
“Look at the way she smiles,” JR observed. “I mean, it looks like she’s flirting with him. What a slut!”
All of a sudden, Kyle, a zoologist and animal caregiver, and Matt, a boat dealer, approached them and told them, “So what? What is up with you Asian guys, Filipino I say, having problems with an Asian girl, a Filipina, although half White, talking to non-Asian guys?”
“Come on,” Matt reminded the five Filipino bachelors. “This is not about race nor ethnicity here just because you can’t stand Lucy talking to a non-Asian guy, a White guy who’s mixed race that is. It’s a matter of her and that guy enjoying the company of each other. Maybe she’ll talk to you.”
“Actually,” Alan was about to explain. “She can’t do that.”
“It’s not tolerated in Filipino culture,” JR told Kyle and Matt.
“A guy is supposed to go up to a girl and talk to her instead,” Francis explained.
“If a girl does that,” Felipe explained. “She’s just a creepy whore with bad intentions and therefore, she’s no good. A girl should always be submissive and quiet at all times.”
“Same goes in Latin American, other Asian cultures, and other traditional cultures as well,” Derek explained.
“But what if a girl is a very aloof and stuck-up ice queen who is ignoring you?” Kyle asked.
“What if she’s not interested in you?” Matt asked.
The five Filipino bachelors didn’t want to answer Kyle nor Matt’s questions. They just went on and approached Lucy while Trent was looking at them in suspicion while Lucy felt uncomfortable when they got close, too close, that is.
“I’d say these pure blood Asian guys here sure lack practicality,” Matt told Kyle as he observed the five Filipino bachelors getting too close and touchy with Lucy.
“I agree.” Kyle shook his head. “I think they are just following Filipino and Asian cultural ideals versus having respect for others but then, guys in most cultures are like this.”
“You mean strict gender roles which are obviously sexist and disrespectful.”
“That’s what I was going to say.”
Soon Rob joined Lucy and her contestants in the living room. “Gentlemen, listen up,” Rob was about to explain as Lucy’s contestants stopped talking. “There are 6 different colors of carnations on this table,” Rob explained as Lucy’s contestants observed the table while she was standing beside him. He held out the carnations in front of them. “The dark red one means deep interest, love, and affection, for the contestant, which will be the first impression one, especially for tonight, the light red one means admiration for the contestant, the purple one means an apology to the contestant yet the contestant is in the competition and it can either go along with the dark red, light red, or white carnations. The white carnation, of course, means good luck to the contestant and that he is safe, the yellow one means a warning to the contestant but is also safe, and the fuchsia and white striped one means the contestant is out of the competition. For now, only one contestant will receive the dark red first impression carnation at this time while all the rest will be handed during main carnation ceremony which will take place later on tonight. Oh and by the way, Lucy’s parents will be coming soon, unfortunately and you will have to impress them as well.”
In other words, Lucy was compelled to give Trent the first impression dark red carnation, despite his unique charm, but the Hispanic, Asian, and Hispasian contestants wanted the first impression dark red carnation real badly since they knew Lucy’s parents would be coming and that they wanted her to please her parents by giving any one of them the dark red flower that they were being aggressive as well as saying racist comments about the Caucasian and mixed race contestants, including Trent who happened to appear mixed, saying that they couldn’t get a dark red carnation because they were “White Trash” with “Yellow Fever”, “Asian Fetish”, and “Latin Fetish” and that they weren’t good enough for Lucy nor her parents. And they were also saying that Christopher, who was a biological scientist, couldn’t get one because he was a “Black Monkey” whose skin was too dark and they referred to him as the offensive N-word as well. They also said Mohammed, who was a visual effects artist, couldn’t get one either because they thought of him as a Muslim terrorist which meant Lucy’s parents didn’t like anyone who was African nor Muslim at all, especially Middle Eastern Muslims, because they also thought of them as terrorists. Perhaps Mohammed wasn’t Muslim or was he?
Apparently, Lucy thought. There is going to be racist drama and fights among guys throughout.
“Trent,” Lucy called out to him, holding out the short, dark red carnation as he came forward. “I would like for you to accept this carnation, please.” She pinned the dark red carnation to his blazer.
“Thanks.” Trent smiled.
“You’re welcome,” Lucy replied, despite that she couldn’t help but give him the first impression dark red carnation. He was very handsome-looking and tall at six feet with an athletic build. He had short, straight brown hair, large green eyes, a medium, pointed nose, slightly full lips, an oval-shaped face, and an olive-beige complexion that looked quite tan. In addition to that, she and Trent couldn’t help but smile at each other when they first met.
“Why him and not me?” some of the contestants, mostly the Hispanic, Asian, and Hispasian ones, asked themselves. The Hispanic, Asian, and Hispasian contestants were definitely jealous of Trent, including the Cuban contestant Miguel who believed he could compliment Lucy well, because he thought she was Hispanic and Cuban like him. He wanted to talk to her real bad so they ended up outside in the patio, sitting together on a bench as he put his blazer around her to keep her warm since the temperature was slightly cool.
“Gracias, señor,” Lucy smiled.
“De Nada,” Miguel replied. “So anyway, you originally lived in San Francisco.”
“I was born there and I lived there for ten years and then moved to Atlanta and lived there for 20 years until I moved here,” Lucy replied.
“I also lived in San Francisco too but for eight years. I was born in Los Angeles and lived there for twenty-six years before that. Of course, I moved here last year because my family and I couldn’t afford rent in California considering the cost of living is too high due to state tax which Florida barely has.”
“I guess you wouldn’t think of going back to San Francisco.”
“Obviously not because it’s too expensive to live there. To visit, sure. To live there, no. I’d rather live here in Miami instead. The weather is always warm and tropical all year round and it isn’t that expensive.”
“Claro.” Miguel suddenly started asking in Spanish, “¿Tú hablas español?”
“Sí,” Lucy answered in Spanish. “Pero, mis padres son de las Filipinas, excepto mi padre es parte español, holandés, y chino y mi madre es parte americana.”
“Tú eres mestiza.”
“Sí pero hay otros mestizos aqui en esta casa.”
“Exactamente pero yo no soy mestizo. Yo soy cubano y hispanico.”
“Ah. Yo veo. Y ¿Qué es tu trabajo?”
“Soy un contratista de la impresa de construcción de mi familia. ¿Y tú? ¿Qué es tu trabajo?”
“Soy una diseñadora de la Red y he solicitado a la escuela del diseño de la moda al Instituto Del Arte De Miami.”
“Sí, claro.”
Miguel, from what Lucy noticed was also fluent in Spanish like most of the Hispanic and Hispasian contestants as well as some Filipino, Caucasian and other mixed race contestants. Aside from that, Miguel was very handsome-looking and tall at six-foot-three with an athletic build as well as complimentary in other physical features. Short, dark brown hair that almost looked black, large hazel eyes with thick eyebrows that looked quite intense, and a light yellow complexion which also included a slightly narrow face with a chiseled, square jawline, a medium, pointed nose, and medium lips. In addition to that, he had a serious-demeanor as well.

Later on, Lucy’s parents, Arnel and Juanita arrived to the chateau all nicely-dressed in formal attire like Lucy and her contestants were but it made her nervous. Same with Rob and the other contestants she feared her parents would not approve of. Thank goodness, her brother, Gary didn’t come either because he was living in his own apartment in Miami nor did he contact the producers, either, due to his busy schedule. But anyway, Lucy’s parents wanted to see if they were perfect enough for her and her whole family or not. They kept asking them a lot of questions, most notably the Caucasian contestants, those mixed with Caucasian and/or African, as well as Christopher and Mohammed, whom they wanted her to get rid of, but those that were Asian, Hispanic, and Hispasian passed the parent test just fine but the ones that didn’t fit this group looked like a problem to them because they seemed so vastly different, except for Peter, a martial arts instructor, who was Czech-American, Filippo, a male model and brand consultant, Giovanni, an Italian restaurant owner, Dion, a theatrical stage manager and set designer, and Anthony because they had similar family values and came from devout Catholic families. No one ever smoked, drank, did drugs, nor partied much because they knew it would be dangerous to their health as well as physical appearance but her parents kept firing the vastly different contestants with many questions along with the similar contestants watching, making Lucy think her parents were treating the vastly different ones badly. Even Rob could see that her parents were judging the contestants according to race and religion. Religion was also an issue. Mohammed was Muslim, Ron, a doctor, was Jewish even though he was also of Argentinean descent, Jerry, a chef and restaurateur, was Buddhist, Steve, a web marketer and CEO, Scott, an interior designer and home repairman, and Tyler, also a chef and restaurateur, were Protestants, while Adrian, a marine biologist, Marcus, a newspaper editor and writer, Matt, Christopher, and Nicolas were Atheists/Agnostics. Then there were political beliefs. Since Lucy’s parents were very conservative, they were attacking some contestants like Jerry, Ron, Adrian, Matt, Nicolas, Tyler, Scott, and Marcus for their liberal beliefs just because a person’s political beliefs also mattered the most despite Lucy was moderate. There was no way Lucy could protest against her parents because she was afraid of causing trouble on the first night and she wanted to enjoy it. The worst part was Lucy’s parents asking Steve, Ron, Matt, Trent, Kyle, Andy, and Nicolas what they were due to the fact they were confused with the fact that they were also Caucasian which seemed quite offensive to these guys but were okay with João, Eric, and Oscar being mixed with Asian and Hispanic because they knew those cultures would be alike.
This is so embarrassing, Lucy thought, my parents in the chateau on the first night, being paranoid about these guys in here just because of their race, nationality, religion, and political stances. It all has to do with their beliefs and values. And my parents seem to like the Asian, Hispanic, and Hispasian guys more than the non-Hispanic and Asian kind since their culture is much more similar to Filipino culture.
Sounds like there were going to be helicopter parents throughout the whole entire season of Meet Your Match, especially in the first episode where the guys were getting desperate for her attention like Oscar, the serious-looking, black-haired, brown-eyed, athletically built, six-foot-two computer engineer and hacker, who looked mostly Asian, despite that he was half Hispanic, impressed her with an expensive sterling-silver Pandora charm bracelet with glass beads that were mostly blue, pink, green, and red in which she knew her parents would be pleased. Same with Calvin, the six-foot-three Panamanian auto dealer, who was dancing with her to Latin music that was airing in the background while Aiden, the six-foot-one pharmacist, was performing hip-hop breakdancing moves to techno music in front of her along with Derek, the six-foot two Brazilian insurance agent. Of course, they were trying to impress Lucy. The nerve-wrecking part was Scott, the smiling, six-foot-one, brown-haired, brown-eyed, Ken doll-looking contestant, who took off his suit, leaving him in his underwear, showing off his muscular, defined body to Lucy and then jumping into the pool with a fountain in the center that she was surprised and nervous at the same time, which made her want to send him home for fear that her parents wouldn’t like it because they would see him as dressing immodestly in trashy, skimpy clothing that displayed most of his body parts like he did in his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram photos. And then, Jerry, the boyish-looking, six-foot-one, blond-haired, blue-eyed contestant who made a small brownie ice cream sundae dessert for her to try that she enjoyed it, knowing that she liked chocolate a lot but always kept it in moderation. Jerry was obviously a worry for her parents because of his all-American looks. Filippo, who looked slightly masculine and stood at six-three with brown hair that was frosted and tinted with subtle blond highlights and blue eyes, sang a romantic Italian opera song which Lucy understood that she was smiling which was okay with her parents for sure—Filippo impressing Lucy, that is, especially with his humor and funny Italian jokes which she also understood since he spoke Italian, despite having a moderate Italian accent. Last but not least, Ricardo, a six-foot-three inch, somewhat macho-looking Colombian paralegal also proposed marriage to Lucy, in which she sent him home for being too desperate and eager like Arturo before that she also had a feeling her parents would confront her for kicking him out as well.

Aside from all these guys competing for her attention, Lucy was filmed in a private room with Rob, observing their photos in a classic brown armoire.
“Now that you gave Trent the first impression dark red carnation, who else do you want to give the dark red carnation to?” Rob asked.
“I would give it to Adrian, Peter, Nicolas, Anthony, and even Filippo,” Lucy answered. “Since they made better first impressions by asking if they could talk to me and I agreed which made me talk a lot to them.”
“That makes more sense. Anyone, including men, should ask first before they initiate things with others. Even women shouldn’t be afraid to do so too.”
“But most women don’t because they are held back by social norms, making them worry that men will bitch at them and think of them as creepy, perverted whores looking for one thing. In other words, women are supposed to be less confident and assertive around men. If they are openly confident and assertive, they are seen as creepy whores. And men like women who are less confident and assertive, especially insecure men, who always want to take charge 100 percent.”
“Exactly. And it’s very destructive for people to think like that too. What if the woman is married, engaged, or taken?”
“A man could risk being labeled a homewrecker and be bullied by the woman’s husband, fiance, boyfriend, or even teen and/or grown son, especially if they are very overprotective and possessive.”
“It’s dangerous to initiate conversation with a woman like that.”
“Of course but society tolerates it anyway.”
“But the purple carnation,” Lucy wanted to say. “I don’t believe it should be for tonight since there is no contestant to apologize to right now since I didn’t say anything offensive to them.”
“I see.” Rob understood.
All of a sudden, Lucy’s parents stepped in.
“May I ask what you’re doing here?” Rob began asking them.
“I overheard you talking about giving carnations,” Lucy’s father answered.
“And that Lucy wants to give the dark red ones to Adrian, and Nicholas whose culture is not like Filipino culture since Adrian is Danish, and Nicholas is from France but is mixed with French and Moroccan, which makes me concerned because Danish, and French culture is so modern as well as liberated, which means those cultures aren’t that religious. Also, I don’t like the way she gave the first impression dark red flower to Trent in the first place and neither do any of the Asian and Hispanic guys. He’s White but is also mixed race, half Middle Eastern and his smile is very intimidating and he looks way too handsome for Lucy,” Lucy’s mother explained. “Lucy’s father and I are okay with Peter, Anthony, and Filippo since Peter is Czech, Anthony is Russian, and Filippo is Italian because their cultures are very traditional and conservative and we also want Lucy to give the dark red carnation to Miguel since his culture will blend in well with ours since he is Cuban and Hispanic.”
“Wait a minute,” Rob wanted to protest. “First of all, this is Lucy’s choice and second of all, you sound prejudiced here, as far as cultural and other beliefs go. This is not supposed to be about race, ethnicity, nor beliefs. This is about what she thinks is best.”
“But we want Lucy to be married to a good guy with a good personality,” Lucy’s father explained. “Marriage is not about love nor feelings. It’s about good guys with good personalities even if she doesn’t feel any attraction to them.”
“I know you and Lucy’s mother want the best for Lucy,” Rob explained. “But apparently, this is Lucy’s choice and you shouldn’t be forcing your ideas upon her.”
“My parents are being manipulative here,” Lucy told Rob.
“No we’re not,” Lucy’s mother told her.
“You are,” Lucy replied. “Just listen to yourselves. You and dad sound crazy.”
“Also, why did you send Arturo and Ricardo home?” Yup, Lucy’s father wasn’t pleased with what happened before they arrived and were at the chateau to see Ricardo. Same with her mother.
“They were being overly eager and desperate to marry me even though I just met them,” Lucy explained to her father. “It’s like they wanted to trap me so that way I wouldn’t be going for White guys, Asian guys mixed with White and/or Black, or anyone that isn’t Asian nor Hispanic.”
“So what.” Lucy’s mother glared at her “It’s appropriate for guys to be overly eager and desperate for marriage and not girls.”
“In addition to that,” Lucy’s father explained to her. “You can’t ask guys out on dates either, like your brother can ask girls out on dates, it makes you look like a creepy, perverted slut who’s looking for one thing. And guys will bitch at you and slap you for that. Or worse, rape you if they agree. You’re just destroying their manhood.”
“Apparently,” Rob had to explain to Lucy’s parents. “That is not true. Any guy who has secure and respects himself and even her wouldn’t do that. Most guys that are secure with themselves do appreciate girls calling the shots as well as making moves on them. What you’re referring to are guys that are insecure and don’t respect themselves and others, including girls. Those are the type of guys who always want to wear the pants in everything and look at girls as inferior to them.”
“In Asian culture as well as Latino and other traditional cultures, especially in the Deep South where we came from, guys don’t tolerate girls making decisions,” Lucy’s father explained to Rob.
“I understand that, Mr. Del Rosario,” Rob replied. “But guys like that can be dysfunctional, just in case you didn’t know. Guess you want your daughter to choose psychotic guys over normal, stable ones, do you?”
Lucy’s parents didn’t answer at all.
“Anyway, we also want you to get rid of Scott,” Lucy’s father reminded her. “I don’t like the way he dresses. It’s trashy and he lacks modesty.”
“How did you know?” Lucy asked.
“Your dad and I saw his Facebook and Twitter pages after we learned he was one of your contestants,” Lucy’s mother explained. “He was wearing little to no clothing in his pictures and he’s all-American-looking as well.”
“Hey, it’s her decision and not yours,” Rob told Lucy’s father. “And also, you and Lucy’s mother should realize that when a guy is eager and desperate to get married, even right away, there’s a problem. It can lead to an unstable relationship and/or marriage that can even be abusive. In fact, Lucy did a good job of eliminating Arturo and Ricardo because from what I saw, they sounded quite psychopathic.”
“But,” Lucy’s mother wanted to protest.
“Just let Lucy go ahead with the carnation ceremony,” Rob told Lucy’s mother.

As Lucy arrived to meet her contestants in the living room, she started handing out carnations to the rest of her contestants. Miguel, Peter, Adrian, Nicholas, Anthony, and Filippo got dark red carnations whereas Giovanni, Dion, Marcus, and Paul got light red carnations while Oscar, Derek, Walter, Jerry, Isaac, João, Terry, Nathan, Calvin, Arturo, Eric, Johnny, Alan, Francis, Tyler, Steve, Andy, Kyle, and Matt got white carnations while Aiden, Darren, JR, and Felipe got yellow ones due to their bad first impression with Lucy. For Scott, Christopher, and Mohammed, they got the fuchsia and white striped carnations that sent them out of the competition, along with Clay, Arturo, and Ricardo who didn’t receive any since they were already gone before the ceremony, which meant that thirty-four contestants were remaining. That must have been a blow for Scott who was trying too hard to impress Lucy as well as throwing himself at her in which some of the guys thought of him as skanky gigolo or hoochie daddy and that he could never get a girl at all while the Hispanic, Asian, and Hispasian guys referred to him “All-American White Trash” and even for Christopher and Mohammed who were just being nice, it was a blow for them, considering Lucy had also listened to her parents’ racist and prejudiced remarks about them. Even her mother thought Christopher couldn’t be handsome enough at all just because he was African.