Chapter 8: Let’s Go Putting

The sky was very clear and sunny in Miami, despite the weather being somewhat hot. Lucy and her thirty contestants, with Kyle included, arrived to the golf course and resort.
I’m surprised Kyle was able to show up for golf today, Lucy thought. He likes golfing like most of the other guys do. Anyway, we had a great one-on-one date but there’s a lot of guys that I need to get to know.
“Have you ever been golfing here in Miami before?” Andy asked Lucy.
“I have ever since I moved here,” Lucy answered. “The golf courses are very scenic, surrounded by palm trees. I’ve never experienced this in Atlanta and besides, there’s only a few of them.”
Andy nodded. “I can imagine. I hear most of the golf courses are way further from Atlanta, like in Augusta or Savannah, for example, where a lot of the famous tournaments take place.”
“I know.” Lucy nodded.
Suddenly, a slightly elderly, graying Hispanic man in his later sixties arrived with red and white vests for Lucy’s contestants.
“Hola señorita y señores,” the man greeted. “My name is Roy Martinez and I’m the owner of this golf course and resort.” Roy then asked Lucy, “¿Cómo te llamas señorita?”
“Me llamo Lucy, señor,” Lucy answered.
“Encantada señorita.”
“Encantada señor.”
“I see there is a handsome bunch of gentlemen with you today to choose from.”
“Yup but I can choose one.”
So the golf course’s owner, Roy gives the guys some pep talk, Lucy thought. And it’s about winning me over even though they are divided into two teams, the reds and the whites. I’m glad the owner is on my side or so.
Speaking of the golfing teams, the red team consisted of Trent, Oscar, Kyle, João, Nathan, Andy, Peter, Adrian, Dion, Felipe, Matt, Giovanni, Calvin, Marcus, and Ivan while the white team consisted of Miguel, Steve, Jared, Derek, Filippo, Edgar, Dylan, Nick, Ernesto, Ron, Johnny, Terry, Isaac, Walt, and Paul. The producers, along with Roy, wanted the contestants Lucy’s parents liked to be together with the ones Lucy’s parents didn’t like and it seemed pretty awkward to Lucy’s contestants.
Aside from that, while Lucy was having small one-on-one time with Andy as they entered the golf course with the rest of the contestants, she noticed that he looked quite like the guy from the Cleveland Indians MLB baseball team who happened to be half African-American and Caucasian, except that his eyes were gray, despite his hair being brown like the mulatto guy from the Cleveland Indians. In addition, Andy was six-foot-four, fit, and athletically built.
Anyway, back to golf. Whoever scored the most points would have one-on-one time with Lucy. So far, the red team did really well with Trent and Adrian having tied with the most points while the white team did poorly. It was Miguel who was scoring the most points for the team but not as much as Trent and Adrian.
Darn, Miguel thought. Looks like Trent and Adrian have one-on-one time with Lucy and if one of them gets a group date dark red carnation, her mom and dad are not going to be pleased when they find out about this.
Since Trent and Adrian were tied with the highest points for the red team, it was going be quite difficult for Lucy to pick who to have one-on-one time with. Both had a lot to offer about themselves so Lucy decided to have one-on-one time with Trent.
Although I scored as much points as Trent did, Adrian thought. I’m glad that he got one-on-one time with Lucy. There are lots of things he wants to talk to her about and so do I but I’ll let him go first.
While sitting under a palm tree, Trent asked, “Have you ever played golf before?”
Lucy shook her head. “Not much but I have done it a lot ever since I moved here. What about you?”
“I have,” Trent nodded. “Both while living in New York and Florida and while visiting relatives in Turkey, Greece, and Germany.”
“So you’ve traveled abroad?”
“Pretty much. I’ve even studied abroad as well in France and China.”
“Can you speak, French, German or even Chinese?” Lucy couldn’t help but laugh.
Trent smiled. “I can speak some French and German but I can’t speak Chinese nor read it. It’s very difficult.”
“Do you know any words in French and German?”
“Some. Like tu es très amusante et interessante and du bist sehr spaße und interessante.”
Lucy smiled. “Meaning you are very fun and interesting. Yup, I know some French and German.”
Trent was amazed. “Wow! And you also speak Spanish since I heard you talking to some guys in Spanish.”
“That is correct. I also speak Italian and I’m learning Russian. Chinese, and Japanese, I can speak some but I can’t read them very well.”
“Wow! You must be quite a multilingual person.”
“Especially with the Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese part.”
“It sounds like there is mundo in you and that you’re into many cultures as well as fun and interesting like I’ve mentioned before.”
“I am into many cultures even though I’ve only traveled to a few countries in North America, Canada and Mexico as well as the Bahamas on a Disney cruise ship for a family reunion. I’d like to travel mainly to Europe and even Russia.”
“Sounds interesting. I forgot to say that I’ve also visited Canada and Mexico. In fact, I even have relatives in Canada, mostly in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa.”
“That’s where I also have relatives, except Ottawa and Montreal.”
“What a coincidence, eh?” Trent smiled.
“Of course.” Lucy smiled and nodded.
“Anyway, how has your love life been like if you don’t mind me asking?” Trent wanted to know.
“My parents always set me up with whatever Asian or Hispanic guy they could find because they are similar to their Filipino culture,” Lucy explained. “But I never liked them. They were always whiny and insecure, especially the Asian ones like my own ex-husband who was Filipino. He hated the idea of me being multilingual. He was very possessive so I ended up leaving him. I hope that doesn’t bother you.”
“It doesn’t. I wouldn’t mind dating anyone who is divorced, even if they screwed up.”
“But have you dated anyone who was divorced or widowed before?”
“Nope. I’ve never done that and I haven’t had any luck when it comes to girls nor had a girlfriend or wife for that matter, both in New York and Miami. They think I’m too handsome, intimidating, and unique for them because I’m biracial that they would rather flock to monoracial guys, especially of the same race, because they are easier to tell. Girls think I’m too confusing for them which is why I’ve been a single guy for a long time, not dating anyone. It’s tougher for mixed race guys to get dates compared to mixed race girls.”
“I know a lot of mixed race guys that can’t get a decent girlfriend to be their wife, including my own younger brother who is an entertainment and sports journalist.”
“Yup. It’s typical. Even my own parents who are half Asian and White wouldn’t let me date and marry mixed race guys because they thought they were too attractive. It’s just because they are from the Philippines rather than America.”
“I see. Immigrant parents do seem to be like this.”
“True. But anyway, people want someone they can trust.”
“It’s usual.”
I don’t care if my parents see me having one-on-one time with Trent and if the guys they like are disgusted by it, Lucy thought. But Trent finds the idea of me being multilingual interesting.
“Oh and by the way,” Trent continued. “It was wrong of your ex-husband to not trust you just because you’re multilingual.”
“He always thought I was going to leave him like any guy my parents have set me up with before,” Lucy explained. “It just showed he was insecure, jealous, and paranoid like most of the guys my parents set me up with. They were restrictive like my parents and ex-husband which made me isolated from others, including ones they disapproved of.”
“Was this when you were living in Atlanta?” Trent asked.
Lucy nodded. “It was. Asians and Hispanics, even though there are a few of them, are very possessive over their wives and girlfriends. They are always paranoid about non-Asians and non-Hispanics stealing them away, usually Whites and Blacks since they are the majority.”
“I guess that can be typical in a not-so-diverse community.”
“My ex-husband was like my parents, very strict and overprotective.”
“I can see that in your parents.”
“They think their decisions are better than mine even though I’m living on my own but they keep bothering me. I tell them to stop but they won’t.”
“Your parents won’t always be right, you know.”

Later on, Lucy and her thirty contestants were having a healthy picnic lunch with lean sandwiches, fresh veggies, and water. There was one dark red carnation on the picnic blanket and only one could get the group date dark red carnation.
I’ve never had any quality time with Lucy but I’m looking forward to it, Adrian thought. Same with other guys. We all want to get to know her more.
“I know we haven’t talked much,” Lucy began while sitting with Adrian underneath a palm tree. “But how long have you lived in Miami?”
“Seven months,” Adrian answered. “The weather is very nice and warm all year round. I love the beaches and tropical scenery, starting with the palm trees of course.”
“Same here. I moved here eight months ago from Atlanta, Georgia here in the United States. The scenery there is terrible and the weather there is very cold during the winter which I don’t like a lot.”
“I don’t really like cold weather either. I experienced that a lot in Copenhagen, Denmark, even though the scenery is okay, especially with the Little Mermaid statue.”
“I used to watch Disney’s The Little Mermaid when I was a kid but now I like Disney’s Frozen as well as Pixar movies.”
“I like Disney movies too. But anyway, you know that Hans Christen Andersen wrote The Little Mermaid.”
“He did and he wrote The Snow Queen where Frozen was based on.”
“I saw Frozen. It’s a pretty cute and adventurous movie.”
“I’ve seen it and I like it a lot. It’s not too much of a stereotypical Disney princess movie, even though the main characters, Elsa and Anna are princesses. In other words, it’s not a lovey-dovey-type Disney princess movie. It’s more of a sisterhood Disney princess movie.”
“I know, especially when Elsa and Anna are little girls in the beginning. It’s cute that little girls can relate to them as children.”
“True and for teens and grownups, it teaches them to never fall for and marry a person they just met.”
“I’d never do that but my parents set me up with guys anyway because they are afraid that I will do that.”
“It’s not right for your parents to set you up with guys.”
“They don’t trust me to choose people on my own. They choose for me instead and I end up not liking it.”
“It can happen and I know it’s common for American parents to set up their daughters with some guy they think is good for them but it turns out sour.”
“Every guy my parents set me up with has been crazy and unstable even though my parents convinced me they were good.”
“It’s not always the case.”
“No, of course not.”
“I know in Denmark, parents never set their daughters up with guys nowadays. That was in historical times, especially among the higher classes like royalty, nobility, and aristocracy but those arranged marriages were always unhappy like in an Oscar-nominated Danish movie I saw called a Royal Affair which is a real story in the 18th century. The queen is unhappily married to the king because he is crazy and that their marriage was arranged so she ends up going for the king’s doctor, who happens to be way older, instead. Have you seen that movie?”
“Nope and I’m not thinking of seeing it because I don’t understand Danish. I only understand Spanish, French, German, Italian, some Chinese and Japanese and I’m learning to speak Russian.”
“Amazing. At least you wouldn’t have difficulty traveling nor interacting with foreigners but anyway, where did you learn to speak these languages?”
“I took Spanish in high school and I studied French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian on my own.”
“Have you traveled or studied abroad?”
“I’ve traveled abroad but mainly in North America and the Caribbean to countries like Canada, Mexico, and the Bahamas. I wish I could go to Europe and Russia.”
“Europe and Russia are very scenic and so are other countries that I’ve been to such as the Dominican Republic even though it’s quite a third world country.”
“I’ve never been to the Dominican Republic but they’ve got interesting resorts and beaches these days.”
“Of course but anyway, have you been set up for an arranged marriage before?”
“I have five years ago and the guy my parents set me up with was very strict and overprotective like them as well as clingy.”
“That’s bad. Was he Filipino like your parents are?”
“Yes but I was never into him as much as he was into me even though my parents liked him.”
“Your parents shouldn’t make you choose who they want because they like that person. They should stay out of your business and let you choose yourself.”
“They’re afraid I’ll make a bad decision even though I’m living on my own.”
“I see. I can tell how they were when they first saw me. They were mean. Of course, they asked if I’m dating and I said no. I’m still a single guy. I’ve only dated one girl before but she cheated on me with some strange guy who happened to be some Eastern European gigolo like what her mother did to her father. This was back in Denmark and I haven’t been dating anyone since then. Anyway, I’m not here to be famous nor anything. I’m here because of you which your parents don’t realize.”
“I try to tell my parents about some guys here but they don’t listen. They think wrongly of them all the time.”
“They’re not looking for fame and money. They are here for you and are fighting over you.”
Lucy smiled. “Of course they are.”
I couldn’t help but smile while having one-on-one time with Adrian, Lucy thought. And at the same time, we were able to share things about our dating lives with each other and some other fun things.
“Another thing,” Lucy wanted to ask. “Do you have any family living here?”
“I do,” Adrian nodded. “They’re living in West Palm Beach. They moved here three months ago after I moved here. I like being close to them.”
“Not bad.”
“They like it here a lot.”
“That’s nice.”

Later on, Lucy was with her parents while they were playing golf.
“Were you talking to Trent and Adrian?” Lucy’s mother asked.
“It’s none of your business who I have one-on-one time with,” Lucy explained. “Whoever wins the most points gets quality time with me. So far Trent and Adrian had the most. So now you want me to have quality time with Miguel and other guys you approve of?”
“Yes, please,” Lucy’s father said. “For our sake. Don’t forget to give any one of them group date dark red flowers.”
“I’ll only give the group date red carnations to those I can talk to,” Lucy explained.
Suddenly, Keith asked Lucy’s parents to leave because they were trying to destroy her golfing group date and they left.
“Just go on with everything,” Keith suggested.
“Thanks,” Lucy said.
My parents suddenly show up at the golf course and they saw that I was having one-on-one time with Trent and Adrian, Lucy thought. And they are trying to ruin everything I’m enjoying with the guys and the guys they like for me are okay with them being around throughout the whole competition while the ones I sort of like are a bit embarrassed.

“Was that your mom and dad?” Miguel asked Lucy as they were sitting on the grass, holding her hand.
“Yes,” Lucy answered. “They were playing golf. How did you know they were here?”
“I just saw them.”
“But they left anyway.”
Miguel was a bit disappointed. “Darn! They could have watched this golf thing. Aside from that, have you been golfing with your parents before?”
Lucy nodded. “Yup, ever since I moved here. Sometimes we bring relatives who visit.”
“Hey, it’s typical of Filipino families. Same with Cuban and other Latino families. My parents sometimes bring close family friends as well. So what else do you like to do aside from golf? Play tennis, go cycling, hiking, to the beach, fishing, boating, and a lot of other things ever since I moved here to Miami. What about you?”
“I like to go hiking, boating, cycling, fishing, go to the beach, camping, etc.”
“My dad likes to go fishing.”
“I saw that and I heard he likes to go hunting like my dad does.”
I know Miguel and I haven’t been having quality time like my parents want because I’ve been having quality time with other guys, Lucy thought. But Miguel and I are starting to connect again. We’ve talked about our dating and love lives and now it’s the things we like. He even wanted my parents to join this golfing group date even though I didn’t want to.
If I get the group date dark red carnation, Miguel thought. Lucy’s parents would be also be happy and I’m here for her only because I love her.

“I’ve never been married,” Ivan began saying. “But I’ve been engaged once. We ended up splitting due to our busy schedules and traveling separately despite that we had a good relationship so I haven’t been dating nor seeing anyone since. I’ve been single for a pretty long time. I was a with a pro Russian hockey team for four years and had to retire because of a terrible knee joint injury and my ex was a basketball player.”
“So in other words, you lived in Russia?” Lucy asked.
“Yes,” Ivan answered. “In St. Petersburg.”
“You mean da.”
“That means yes in Russian.”
“Are your parents from Russia?”
“Yeah but I was born here in America.”
“Do they live here in Miami?”
“Nyet but they will be moving here soon. They’re living in DC where I came from and they don’t like it there because it’s too cold.”
“Do you want them to live close to you?”
“Of course even though it’s typical of Russians. They’re very family oriented. I know it’s typical of Filipinos as well.”
“It is.”
So far, the guys I’ve talked to that have just moved here, like Adrian for example, have families that came along with them, Lucy thought. Just recently, Ivan said his family would be moving here soon.
“Do you have relatives here in Miami?” Lucy asked.
“Da, I do.”
“I know there’s a lot of Russians in Miami.”
“Da, of course. Especially with gangsters in the northern part of the city.”
“It reminds me of an episode of Burn Notice which I used to watch even though it’s a bit crazy and nutty.”
“You mean that spy show?”
“I used to watch it. I agree that some of the episodes are quite weird and crazy.”
“It was a pretty good show.”
“It was. But anyway, most of the Russians here are professionals. Engineers, doctors, nurses, dentists, scientists, etc.—typical Russian jobs like Asian people and some Russians are also Asian as well.”
“There’s not many Asian Russians here. Most of them are in the western US, like in San Francisco, LA, Seattle, or Portland.”
“That’s true. I’ve never seen an Asian Russian much here before. It’s rare since the eastern part of Russia is close to the western United States.”
“Of course. Most of the Russian I’ve seen here are White ones.”
“They’re common.”
“Some are immigrants who speak in heavy accents and some are American-born.”
“It’s common for Russian-born people to speak English in heavy accents. In my case, I don’t from what you hear me saying but my parents do even though we speak Russian.”
“Like I’ve said, all I know are a few words and sometimes it’s easy to forget. I even have to read the Cyrillic alphabet slowly and repeat the letters.”
“Russian is a bit daunting for non-speakers who are learning because it’s a Slavic language.”
“Da but anyway, how do you say golf in Russian?”
“Okay. Other than that, have you been playing gol’f since you moved here?”
“When did you move here?”
“Three, or tri, months ago.”
“How do you like it?”
“The weather here is warm all-year round unlike in DC where it snows during the winter. So I figured I might as well live in a place that isn’t cold during the winter.”
“Same thing here. In fact, I prefer warm weather over cold weather.”
“Less chance of flu and other illnesses.”
All of a sudden, a creature that appeared to be an alligator showed up in the lake where Lucy and Ivan were sitting nearby. It was large, rough, scaly, and greenish as usual with claws.
“Oh my goodness!” Ivan shrieked. “Isn’t that an alligator?”
Lucy was startled. “It is!”
As the alligator swam near the grass, Lucy and Ivan ran.
While having a good one-on-one conversation with Lucy, Ivan thought. There’s this huge creature that happens to be an alligator swimming in the lake where we’re sitting by. Yup, these things are common here in Florida and I’ve encountered them as well. Somebody ought to put an alligator warning sign in this golf course. I had no idea this lake was going to be infested with alligators. Or did someone let their pet alligator loose?
“You guys look freaked out,” Steve said as he saw Lucy and Ivan breathing constantly.
“There was an alligator in the lake,” Lucy sighed.
“A really big one,” Ivan sighed.
“How did that thing get there?” Matt asked.
“I don’t know.” Lucy shrugged.
The animal patrol soon came and took the alligator away while Lucy and her thirty contestants continued to enjoy their date.
“I know there are a lot of guys here and they somewhat have what I’m looking for,” Lucy said to Roy.
“I’m very impressed with them,” Roy said. “I do take a look at their and see what they are like by looking at them. You need to go by instincts and you need to go by vision. By going by vision, it’s not what you see now but in the future when you get married.”
“Makes me not want to go for what my parents want but rather that I go for what I think works best.”
“What your parents want may not work best for you. What’s most important is that you follow your instincts.”
“De nada.”
I was surprised Roy knew about relationships, Lucy thought. He seemed to understand that I was under pressure to choose what my parents want versus what I want but I will just have to go with whatever works best.
While the other contestants were swinging at golf balls, Lucy sat with Trent on the picnic blanket, holding the dark red carnation.
“I couldn’t help but smile when we were talking to each other. From what I see, you’re a genuine, open person,” Lucy began.
“Thanks for saying that,” Trent said.
“You’re welcome,” Lucy replied. “Anyway, would you like to accept this carnation?”
“Absolutely,” Trent smiled.
Lucy pinned the carnation to Trent’s shirt and they embraced each other. She never thought about what her parents said. The Caucasian, including Adrian and Ivan, were pleased but most of the Asian and Hispanic contestants were not, except for Paul and Nathan. They were rather jealous instead.

As the sky became dark and starry, Lucy said to her contestants, “I have a surprise for you.”
Colorful fireworks burst in the sky and all were watching in amazement. “Wow!”
It was a good way to celebrate a wonderful group date.

Racism Among Contestants On The Bachelorette At Its Finest

Although I’ve been watching too many FIFA World Cup Brazil soccer matches, most recently, USA vs. Ghana in which the US had won 2-1 in the first Group G match, thank goodness, (I hope things go well for the US men’s soccer team against Portugal this coming Sunday.) I’ve now realized that there are guys being racist to other guys on The Bachelorette, like Andrew Poole for instance, calling Marquel and Ron “blackies” that viewers got very mad, especially those coming from diverse communities, like San Francisco, CA, for example. Believe it or not this will continue in the next season, even when a minority Bachelorette is selected. Contestants will be segregated according to race. Same race or similar on one side while the different races are on the other. This is where contestants will be ganging up on each other and shouting racial slurs and the parents will also interfere with the competition by being racist towards contestants of different races just like the contestants they like.

But anyway, there is a petition on for Marquel Martin, who didn’t get a rose in the fifth episode, to request that ABC make him the new Bachelor for season 19. And I believe he can be the next Bachelor if possible. If not, I think there should be other minorities as well. I know many have complained Juan Pablo isn’t Hispanic enough. With Marquel, if selected, he will be the first African-American Bachelor for the 19th season. Hope that happens.

Chapter 7: Forbidden Attraction

The remaining thirty contestants were being filmed in the basement the next day with Rob. The production crew noticed that they were still separated according to what Lucy’s parents liked and what Lucy’s parents didn’t like and so did Rob as well and it seemed quite upsetting to them. They thought it was a wrong idea for the contestants to separate themselves according to culture. Anyway, Rob continued with the process. The contestants that received dark red carnations would be moving to the main floor with Lucy. That also meant Nathan, Ron, and Ernesto. They really wanted to be close to Lucy and know her more.

Meanwhile, Lucy was in a private room on the main floor with her parents. The production crew was filming the scene.
“Why did you eliminate Eric and Alan?” Lucy’s parents demanded.
“I don’t really like them,” Lucy replied. “Eric is a bitch and I don’t seem attracted to him at all. And Alan, he almost looks like Gary and is my distant cousin from what he told me while having one-on-one time with him during cocktail hour last night. Why would you want me to pick my cousin when I learn that it’s incest?”
“Well, he fits within the family,” Lucy’s mother said.
“Since Alan is my cousin, I still believe it is incestuous for him to compete for me,” Lucy explained to her mother. “You and dad don’t get it. Do you? Anyway, I’ll get rid of Asian guys sooner since I don’t like them much and I will keep Latinos since I like them and so do you and Dad since their culture is similar to Filipino culture. How does that sound for you?”
“Fine,” Lucy’s father said. “Your mom and I like Latinos anyway.”
Still, Lucy was going to keep the Caucasian and mixed Caucasian contestants. But how would Lucy’s parents react when they see Adrian, Nicolas, Kyle, Ron, and Trent in the main floor with her since they think they can’t fit in well within their culture like other Caucasian contestants such as Peter, Ivan, and Filippo who come from conservative Catholic families who are Eastern European, Russian, and Italian? Especially if any one of them were being affectionate with her? She would probably have to keep it private or so.

While in the living room of the main floor, Ron found an envelope on a table for Kyle and gave it to him.
“You might want to read it privately,” Trent suggested to Kyle.
Kyle noticed that Miguel, Nathan, and Ernesto were around. “Oh yeah.”
“I think you could go somewhere to read it,” Adrian suggested to Kyle.
Nicolas suddenly noticed that Miguel, Nathan, and Ernesto went outside. “Never mind. Go ahead.”
Kyle suddenly opened the letter and read it out aloud, “Kyle, what would you like to do today? Lucy. Good question. I’m thinking of taking Lucy to the Oleta River State Park biking trail and from there, we could have dinner.”
“I think it would be enjoyable for a one-on-one date,” Filippo said.
“I think so.” Kyle nodded.

In the afternoon, Lucy and Kyle were filmed riding their bikes along the novice trail of Oleta River State Park since Lucy had never been to a biking trail in a while. It was a great way to be active. The terrains were slightly hilly which she didn’t expect. She always thought of Florida being flat and nothing more but there were also hilly terrains in Oleta River State Park as well as other national parks around Florida. Instead, she and Kyle rode their bikes on the flat, less hilly terrains just to be safe.

Back in the chateau, the rest of the twenty-nine contestants were in the basement. Trent came down there along with Ron, Adrian, Peter, Filippo, Nick, Ivan, Miguel, Nathan, and Ernesto with an envelope in his hand. “All right guys,” Trent called out, coming into the basement with the other ten contestants. “We have a date envelope.” Trent opened the envelope and took out a piece of paper and read it out aloud as Lucy’s parents were privately eavesdropping in on the conversation from the stairs. “Who would like to go golfing tomorrow? Lucy.”
Surprisingly, all the contestants wanted to go on a golfing group date with Lucy since they always went to golf courses in Miami. Lucy went golfing with her parents, with some relatives tagging along, ever since they moved to Miami.

At the Oleta River State Park bike trail, Lucy nearly fell off her bike as she hit a small piece of stone and quickly squeezed the hand brake to stop.
“Are you okay?” Kyle asked.
“I’m fine,” Lucy answered. “I just hit a small rock.”
Lucy and Kyle continued biking along the trail until they stopped at a cabin ground waterway, taking off their helmets and sitting on the grass.
“Whew!” Lucy sighed. “That was quite a long ride.”
“But it’s a good workout,” Kyle said with a sigh. “Have you been on a bike trail before?”
Lucy shook her head. “Not in a while. Have you?”
Kyle nodded. “A lot of times. I mean there are a lot of bike trails around here in Miami.”
“And they are very decent compared to when I was living in Atlanta. I mean, there are lots of tourists of all sorts that go to these places here in Miami. In Atlanta, it’s always locals, especially at Stone Mountain Park.”
Kyle understood what Lucy had said. “I see. I hear Atlanta isn’t really much of a tourist place, except for business people and that’s about it.”
“Have you ever been to Atlanta?”
“Nope. But you lived there, did you?”
“Of course. I didn’t like it there very much. It’s boring and so are the people.”
“What makes you think the people are boring?”
“Their ultra-conservative fundamentalist Christian attitudes. And plus, it’s nothing but rednecks and thugs.”
“I see. Have you been involved with anyone back in Atlanta?”
“I was married once to some Filipino guy my parents set me up with. I didn’t really like him at all. There was nothing exciting about him. He was very bitchy, jealous, possessive, and strict like my parents that I ended up having to leave him upon moving here.”
“Yup, your parents are very strict from what I could tell. They always harp about you marrying Asian or Hispanic only and hate the idea of me having an Asian mother and White father from what I told them when your parents are half Asian and White themselves.”
“They were born in the Philippines but are stuck in their Filipino ways. My mother’s paternal grandmother is White American and my father’s paternal grandfather is Spanish whereas his grandmother is Chinese while his maternal grandfather is Dutch. That makes me Filipino, Spanish, Chinese, American, and Dutch.”
“That’s what it is.”
“I’m also Filipino. Well, my mother is Filipino of course and she was born in Seattle, Washington and my father is Irish, Scottish, and Welsh and he was born in Chicago, Illinois.”
“Since you’re a half Asian and White guy, have you ever had difficulty getting into relationships?”
“Oh yes. I’ve never had a girlfriend or wife at all for that matter. Girls think I’m too handsome and unique for them as well as confusing that they run towards any non-mixed guy, especially those of the same race. No one thinks I’m Asian enough, especially Asian girls. They always think I’m White while White girls on the other hand think I’m Native, Hispanic, or even Arab. Same with Black, Hispanic, Native, and Arab girls. This is why I’ve been a single guy for so long because girls think I’m no good enough for them since I’m biracial and are afraid of me. They also hate my parents for being a happily married interracial couple as well.”
“Girls do tend to like non-mixed guys, even if they aren’t that attractive nor unique, especially when these girls are marriage-minded because they also see them as protectors.”
“That could be true. Sure, I’m willing to protect a girl but I wouldn’t start fights with any other guys throwing themselves at her. I’d just tell them to go away.”
“My ex-husband did that when I was living in Atlanta. He tried to fight other guys who came onto me. He was crazy as well as vindictive, like most Asian guys my parents have set me up with before.”
“Yup, Asian guys tend to be vindictive. Same with Latino guys. Arabs are the worst for sure because they are fundamentalist Muslims.”
“Have you met any vindictive Asian, Latin, or Arab guys?”
“I have. They always tried to get into fights with me. Same with some Native, White, and Black guys. It’s always over girls. Everytime I talk to a girl, these guys always try to fight me.”
“Sounds like they’re insecure and jealous.”
“I’m never cocky, arrogant, nor anything. And I don’t brag, either. But like you said, these non-mixed guys are jealous.”
“Any guy who is mixed has it tough when it comes to dating.”
“I can see that.”
I’m finding it easier to talk to Kyle, Lucy thought. I can talk about anything I like whenever I want. Right now we’ve talked about our biking adventure, past dating and relationships, and family. I’m enjoying my time with him.
Other than that, Lucy noticed how handsome Kyle was. He didn’t look Asian at all, despite his large black eyes, along with short, dark brown hair, slightly masculine facial features and medium fair complexion.

As the sky became dark, Lucy and Kyle were having a candlelit dinner along the pier.
“So, what else do you like to do on a date,” Lucy asked with a smile.
“There are lots of things,” Kyle answered with a smile as his dimples were showing. “Go to concerts, sporting events, cultural events, museums, parks, theaters—a lot of stuff you would think of doing here around Miami.”
“This is a really fun city compared to Atlanta. I never did any of that stuff with my ex-husband. It was nothing but being with our families in both homes and that was it.”
“I mean, there has to be some enjoyment in dating and relationships in order for these things to work.”
“That’s what I’m starting to realize. I never experienced that. Every guy I’ve been set up with by my parents has always been boring. This was mainly in Atlanta and I’m wanting something in which we can do something enjoyable as a couple which my parents don’t seem to realize. I know my parents have done exciting stuff together as a couple when they were living in New York and California, where I was born, but as I became a teenager while living in Georgia, their attitudes about me dating and being in relationships changed. They became very restrictive and overprotective of me, even now which makes me confused. All I know is that I don’t want to be with a guy that is insane and even mentally unstable.”
“No, of course not. They can be very dangerous, which makes them responsible for a lot of idiotic things that happen in the headlines. And I’ve never done anything that would harm the law and society because my parents disciplined me well and I’ve never had peers that were insane either because I went to Catholic school from elementary through high school. The kids are always disciplined. My parents are devout Catholics. I know religion is very important to your parents as well but I always try at least to go to church every Sunday with my parents even though I live by myself. Sometimes there are times when I don’t go. Does that bother your parents?”
“It does because they are strictly devout Catholics, especially my dad. They want me to marry religious Catholic church-goers despite every religious Catholic church-goer they’ve set me up with has been nothing but self-righteous and judgmental towards anyone that isn’t like them.”
“It’s typical of some Catholics, mostly conservative ones.”
“I know. But anyway, this is why I find it difficult to date against type because of my parents harping about what they want for me. They always emphasize good types who are very conservative and religious as well as those of the same culture or similar, fearing that if I date different types, things would go bad. In addition, I came from a city that places too much emphasis on marriage but people end up getting divorced and moving out. Atlanta is not much of a dating city. It’s more of a marriage city instead.”
“I see. But those good types parents emphasize can be just as manipulative and paranoid as they are.”
“I’ve experienced that with the good types my parents set me up with, including my own ex-husband. But anyway, people, especially girls, tend to marry in their late teens and 20s but end up divorcing afterwards. I married at 26 and ended up divorcing this year because I let my parents force me into marrying my ex-husband since they liked him while I didn’t.”
“And they were in the wrong.”
“I guess they are and they never realize that because they are my parents and they always want me to obey them, knowing they strongly believe in the Ten Commandments.”
“Sounds like they do take religion quite literally.”
“I think they do.”

“What does that mean?” Steve asked Jared and Walt after he heard them having a Filipino conversation with Lucy’s parents in the chateau.
“You mean Tito and Tita?” Jared answered.
“It means uncle and aunt,” Walter told Steve. “But we Filipinos also call people we’ve known very well by these names, usually older people that are Filipino. Same with Hispanics. I’ve seen Hispanic guys here call Lucy’s parents by those names as well. Instead, it’s Tio and Tia in Spanish.”
“In my case, since I’m not Filipino,” Steve explained. “I refer to older people that aren’t related to my family as Mr., Mrs., or Ms. just in case you didn’t know.”
Are Jared, Walt, or any of those Filipino guys related to Lucy? Steve thought. With the way they are referring to Lucy’s parents as their relatives? This is strange. I mean, I’ve seen Filpino people call those they aren’t related to their aunt, uncle, or cousin as if they are related to them or something. If any of those Filipino guys are Lucy’s relatives, I swear, it might sound incestuous. Who would want to date someone who turns out to be their relative?”
“Sounds like you White-passing people don’t have any respect for your elders!” Walt sneered.
“Hey, some White people have respect for elders,” Steve pointed out. “We call older people Mr., Mrs., or Ms. if they are close friends. If they are relatives, we call them our aunts or uncles. There is a difference. I know Asians, especially Filipinos, do not separate these things but Whites do.”
“Where did you get this from?” Jared asked. “Your White dad?”
“My dad is White and Native American,” Steve explained. “But he was born and raised here in America.”
“It’s no wonder you sound Americanized!” Walt sneered.
“My mother is Asian,” Steve explained.
“And you not only came out weird but confusing as well!” Jared told Steve. “Sounds like your dad had Asian fetish for your mom!”
Steve was very offended at what Jared had said. “No, he did not. He and my mom truly love each other and have been happily married for 3 decades. There’s nothing wrong with it.”
“White and White-passing people do not blend properly with Asians,” Walt explained. “The cultures are way too different. White and White-passing people are very individualistic and Asians are very family-oriented. It’s not right. People should stick within their own race or similar.”
“All I know is that if I see you with Lucy,” Jared said to Steve. “I’m going to kick your ass.”
“And so will I,” Walter said to Steve. “You’re mixed White trash.”
I find what Jared and Walt are saying to me is racist, Steve said. I’m here for Lucy and they believe I can’t have her because my parents are an interracial couple while I’m a biracial person. Lucy is biracial and so are her parents who are very hypocritical because they are from the Philippines rather than America like my parents.

Out of all the six color carnations on the picnic table in front of them, Lucy gave Kyle the dark red one and he was relieved.
I’m glad I received the dark red carnation, Kyle thought. I’m only here for one good reason and that is Lucy. We enjoyed spending time together, getting to know each other. She is a very interesting, fun, open-minded person. This is what I like about her.
As Lucy and Kyle were walking along the pier together until they reached the edge, Kyle suddenly asked, “Can I ask you one thing?”
“Sure.” Lucy nodded. “What is it?”
“I’ve been thinking about this since I first saw you but can I kiss you?” Kyle asked.
Lucy pretty much blushed. “Sure, you may.”
Looking deeply into Lucy’s eyes, Kyle gently touched her chin and placed his lips close to hers, giving her a romantic kiss. He and Lucy were falling for each other that they were embracing so passionately. Lucy liked the idea of kissing and romance under the full moonlight and clear starry sky with someone she seemed attracted to, which was Kyle of course. Even Keith, who was filming the scene with the production crew, didn’t mind seeing Lucy kiss Kyle as well as snuggling in his arms when he held her close to him. Kyle was quite strong, due to his fit, athletic build at six-foot-two. Lucy liked tall, fit, athletically built guys who were strong.
“There is something I want to tell you,” Kyle said as he was holding Lucy close to him and stroking her.
“What is that?” Lucy asked as she looked up at him.
“I am here because of you,” Kyle answered. “This is something you would need to let your parents know. Sure, I may have a few faults but your parents don’t have to be mean about it.”
“Thanks for saying these things but I will let my parents know,” Lucy said.
I know my parents don’t like Kyle while I do, Lucy thought. But I want to let them know that he is here for me. He is very stable, open-minded, understanding, considerate, and enjoyable to be with. We really had a good time above all, which is the most important thing.

When Lucy came to the chateau with Kyle, holding the dark red carnation, Lucy’s parents were not thrilled at all.
“Lucy, dear,” her mother said to her. “Your dad and I need to talk to you.”
“Mind if I join along?” Kyle asked.
“No, you may not,” Lucy’s father said. “It’s a private matter among Lucy, her mother, and I.”
Kyle was not too pleased with what Lucy’s father said. He wished Lucy good luck and joined the other contestants in the patio, mostly Caucasian and mixed Caucasian contestants, along with Nathan and Paul included, who were thrilled when he received the dark red carnation.
“I hear Lucy’s parents are staying over throughout the rest of the competition,” Paul said to Kyle.
“They want to know what is going on,” Nathan said. “Making sure nothing is going wrong and other things.”
“Lucy’s parents trust Nathan and I because we are Hispanic,” Paul explained to Kyle.
“Of course but they seem pretty harsh with me because I’m half Asian and White and they’re also harsh with some of the non-Asian and Hispanic guys here as well,” Kyle pointed out.
“I think it has to do with culture,” Marcus explained. “I mean, the person’s culture.”
“In other words, Lucy’s parents seem to think a person’s culture shapes their personality which may not be true in some cases,” Adrian explained. “I’m here for the right reasons. To get to know Lucy more and see where this will lead to. And I’m sure many of you are too.”
“Of course,” Nicolas said.
“Sure, a lot of us guys are going to risk getting hurt and our hearts broken,” Ivan explained. “And we’re also going to risk being attacked by some other guys Lucy’s parents like over her, knowing how crazy and vindictive they seem,” Trent explained. “But then some can wind up in jail for trying to kill us.”
“True.” Ron nodded.
“None of us wants to be harmed or killed by other guys in the competition,” Peter said. “That would be really scary but then, I would fight back any other guy who was attacking me.”
“It helps.” Matt nodded. “But anyway, everyone’s lives are important.”
“Absolutely.” Dion nodded.
“Oh and by the way,” Andy wanted to ask Kyle. “How was your date to the cycling trail at Oleta River State Park?”
“It was great,” Kyle answered. “Lucy and I had a good time even though she nearly fell off her bike and continued riding along. Aside from that, we talked a lot over dinner and you all know that she gave me the red carnation.”
“Did you and Lucy kiss?” Filippo asked with a smile.
“Oh yes.” Kyle nodded with a smile. “It was romantic. She’s a great kisser.”
Wow, Giovanni thought. This is making my heart beat. I would like to have one-on-one time with Lucy, get to know her more, and see what will happen from there. Many of us guys would, including Trent, who has a soft spot for her.

In her bedroom upstairs, Lucy and her parents were having an argument.
“Kyle is here for a good reason,” Lucy explained to her mother and father. “And that is for me.”
“Oh really,” Lucy’s mother scoffed.
“Your mom and I don’t believe you nor Kyle,” Lucy’s father said.
“Kyle and I didn’t do anything in one of those cabins nor campgrounds,” Lucy explained. “We didn’t go there. We had dinner by the pier.”
“And there was hanky panky,” Lucy’s mother assumed.
“No there wasn’t. Kyle is a very respectful person,” Lucy assured her mother and father. “What made you think this nonsense?”
“It’s because Kyle is half Filipino and White, having a Filipina mother and a White father who are American born, and he doesn’t go to church much,” Lucy’s father explained.
“That doesn’t mean anything and besides, we haven’t met his parents yet,” Lucy pointed out to her father and mother. “Just because someone is of a certain background, doesn’t mean you have to make bad assumptions about them. And also, why are you guys staying here? Are you supposed to be at home?”
“We want to make sure you pick someone perfectly good enough,” Lucy’s mother explained. “They should have the same or similar culture, same religion, and political beliefs. They can’t be different or else they are bad people.”
“Otherwise, your mom and I will tell you to kick them out if they aren’t like us,” Lucy’s father told her.
Lucy shook her head. “No. It’s my decision. Not yours.”
All of a sudden, there was a knock on the door.
“It’s me, Kyle,” the voice said. “Can I come in?”
“Sure,” Lucy replied. The door was locked and Lucy opened it for Kyle.
“Thanks,” Kyle said as he came in.
“You’re welcome,” Lucy replied as she closed the door and locked it.
“I didn’t harm your daughter nor got her to do things she didn’t want to do,” Kyle explained to Lucy’s parents. “Lucy and I had a good time riding bikes along the bike trail at Oleta River State Park and had dinner by the pier. We weren’t by those cabins nor campgrounds. Anyway, I’m here because I really like your daughter. I’d like to get to know her and see how things work out.”
“And I need to know what Kyle is like before you make any assumptions about him,” Lucy explained to her parents. “You’re just trying to make me scared of deciding on my own and forcing me to choose what you want only.”
Lucy’s mother and I want the best for her, Lucy’s father thought. We think Kyle is too handsome and unique because he is half Asian and White and doesn’t look Asian much, which is rare. And he doesn’t act Asian either. He acts like an Americanized White guy. In addition, I don’t think he would be good enough because he doesn’t go to church much.

As Lucy and Kyle went downstairs, they were met by Jared, Walt, Felipe, Dylan, and Edgar who surrounded Kyle.
“Oh so you got a dark red carnation,” Dylan asked Kyle as he saw the dark red carnation pinned to his shirt.
“What did you do?” Edgar asked. “Any hanky panky?”
The rest of the Filipino guys laughed a little. Lucy did not like it at all because they were sounding almost like her parents.
“No, Lucy and I didn’t do anything like that. We went for a bike ride at Oleta River State Park and had dinner together,” Kyle answered.
“And you kissed her,” Jared assumed.
“Why? Do you have a problem with it?” Kyle asked.
“Yeah, because you’re White-passing when you claim you’re also Asian,” Felipe sneered.
“Look at you,” Walt pointed out. “You don’t even look Asian enough for Lucy’s mom and dad! Nor do you sound Asian, either. You’re way too good-looking!”
“Excuse me,” Lucy said to Walt. “What you’re saying to Kyle is very offensive.”
“Hello,” Jared called out to Lucy. “You should go silent and act like a real lady!”
“Excuse me,” Kyle said to Jared. “I think you are talking to Lucy the wrong way. She is trying to point out how idiotic Walt sounds and I think you are just as idiotic as he is.”
Jared is so outdated, Kyle thought. He is telling Lucy to be silent just because she is a girl after telling Walt that he is being racist and offensive towards me. Is there something wrong with this guy or is it the way he was raised?
“In Filipino culture, girls should be silent and speak only if they are spoken to,” Jared explained to Kyle.
“But I find that to be not only outdated but sexist as well,” Kyle pointed out. “You have no right in telling Lucy that she shouldn’t say anything first at all. She is an adult, not a child.”
“I don’t get what you’re saying,” Jared said.
“Anyway,” Edgar wanted to ask. “Did you kiss Lucy?”
“I did,” Kyle answered.
“You half-White, pretty boy son-of-a-bitch!” Dylan shoved Kyle against a pillar, holding him tightly.
“Hey! Stop it! Will you?” Kyle told Dylan. “I don’t want to fight. Now get off!”
“What’s the matter, half-White pretty, loser lover boy?” Felipe teased. “Can’t you fight?”
“I may,” Kyle replied. “But I don’t want to hurt anybody and cause trouble. Not during the competition.”
Dylan and the rest of the Filipino guys here sound like Filipino gangs and they’re quite vindictive and feisty, Lucy thought. In addition to that, they’re jealous that Kyle and I went out on a one-on-one date and that I gave him the red carnation. My parents want me to marry Filipinos or anyone similar when all I know is that they are bitchy and narrow-minded, like they are. Anyway, if I see any of these Filipino or Hispanic guys assaulting anyone that isn’t like them or even threatening them, I will have to either call the police and have them arrested or send them home. Either one.
Dylan got off Kyle as he was told. He and the other Filipino guys went downstairs to the basement.

Meanwhile, Lucy was in the private living room with Kyle.
“I want to thank you for defending me against Jared’s feisty remarks,” Lucy told Kyle.
“You’re welcome,” Kyle replied. “Neither he nor any other guy should try to silence you just because you’re a girl. You can speak up when something is wrong.”
“True.” Lucy was getting tired all of a sudden. “But anyway, I’m ready to go to sleep.” She and Kyle shared a quick kiss. “Goodnight.”
Lucy went upstairs to her bedroom.

Chapter 6: Cocktail Hour

Later in the next evening at the chateau, with thirty two contestants remaining as they were being filmed, the Asian and Hispanic contestants had separated themselves from the Caucasian and mixed Caucasian contestants, knowing they couldn’t get along well with them due to having cultural differences when it came to Lucy. The Asian and Hispanic contestants felt the Caucasian and mixed Caucasian contestants were never good enough for Lucy and her parents because they were lenient and progressive as well as too handsome. Lucy’s parents wanted someone who was very authoritarian, conservative, and protective like them, especially her father, and they could only see that in Asian and Hispanic males versus Caucasian and mixed race males, including those raised in American and other liberated Western cultures. Of course, culture was very important to Lucy’s parents and they always wanted her to follow their Filipino culture and feared that if she chose someone vastly different from them, she would lose her family’s culture by marrying into a vastly different family so they strictly emphasized that she marry into the same culture or similar so they wouldn’t lose her.

Aside from that, the Caucasian and mixed Caucasian guys hated the idea of being shut out by the Asian and Hispanic guys during cocktail hour as well. It has happened before when Lucy started going out on individualized dates and it would happen later on, from what they knew, but they wanted to talk to them and hang out with them real badly even though they couldn’t.

When Lucy came downstairs from her bedroom her contestants stood up. She was dressed in a strapless avant-garde-looking black and gray cocktail with her hair down, styled in voluminous waves as well as her makeup elegant and classy. She saw that her nicely-dressed contestants were separated from each other, according to ones her parents liked and ones her parents disliked.
I’ve never seen the guys separate themselves from each other like this before, Lucy thought. I believe the ones my parents like for me are starting it because it seems like they can’t get along with the ones I seem attracted to because they are jealous and to approach them for one-on-one time would be dangerous, knowing Asian and Hispanic guys always want to be in charge of things which makes them very bitchy and difficult for girls to talk to, knowing their cultures teach them to be dominant.
Lucy was sitting down alone on a separate sofa with Tyler. He was very all-American-looking with slightly-chiseled facial features, somewhat dusty brown hair and dark brown eyes, which made her worry about her parents would say about keeping him, knowing they didn’t like him, even though he was a genuine guy and easy to talk to like most of the Caucasian and mixed Caucasian guys that she was laughing quite a bit. He even found her to be beautiful indeed, that it caused the Asian and Hispanic guys to be put off by her talking to him which made Eric interrupt her and Tyler.
“Excuse me,” Tyler said to Eric. “I believe you are being very rude.”
“I just wanted to talk to Lucy,” Eric replied. “Besides if her parents see you, you’re in big trouble, knowing you’re an all-American-looking White guy. Western White trash with yellow fever, that is.”
That is so racist, Lucy thought.
“Eric, will you leave Tyler alone?” Lucy requested.
“Shut up, will you?” Eric snapped at Lucy. “Let me be the one speaking.”
“Apparently, that is not how you talk to Lucy,” Tyler told Eric. “She is trying to get you to leave me alone. I mean, you sound crazy.”
Eric is totally insane, Tyler thought. I can’t believe he would stop me from talking to Lucy just because I’m a White American guy and that he thinks he should have one-on-one time with her just because he is Asian even though she doesn’t seem to like him at all.
Lucy, on the other hand, didn’t find Eric to be physically pleasing to her. Even though he was Asian and Hispanic at six feet tall, he looked more Asian and she never found Asian guys physically attractive unless there were exceptions or so despite that her parents liked Asian guys. She felt like the thought of being with an Asian guy would not only be miserable but very restrictive as well as if they were strict Asian parents. Being told how to behave, etc. Aside from that, she would avoid affection from them because she was never attracted to them at all since they were boring to her. She was attracted, instead, to unique-looking guys, mostly Caucasians and Caucasians who were mixed race, which her parents forbade her to date, as well as Hispanics which her parents also liked better even though they sounded like Asian guys. Speaking of Lucy’s parents, they were at the chateau, watching as she was talking to Tyler. They overheard him wanting to know more about Filipino culture after he found out she was Filipino but not one-hundred percent and they didn’t like it at all.
I really don’t like that Tyler, Lucy’s mother thought. He seems too all-American for her and I don’t think he will understand Filipino culture at all. Besides, he is from Atlanta, Georgia from what I heard when Lucy was talking to him. And White guys from Atlanta are way too Americanized. I want Lucy to get rid of him now.
Of course, Lucy wasn’t paying any attention to her parents eavesdropping on the cocktail hour with her contestants because she was so busy interacting with them, mostly Asian and Hispanic contestants which her parents were pleased with. They started talking to her first and she revealed that she dated mostly Asian and Hispanic guys before and that she married an Asian guy but wouldn’t tell why she divorced him for fear of their reactions. Aside from that, some contestants from this parent-favorite group such as Isaac, Jared, Dylan, Terry, and Alan got too close to Lucy while each of them were having one-on-one time with her, despite Isaac and Terry were very attractive while Jared, Dylan, and Alan weren’t even though Lucy’s parents convinced her they were. This was where she would give them the yellow carnation, except for Alan, whom she wanted to get rid of, despite the pressure from her parents to keep them in the competition, even though they were crazy and insane which worried some of the guys who were looking, like Trent, for instance, who was sitting down with Lucy outside in the patio.
“I don’t think it’s right for Isaac, Jared, Dylan, Terry, and Alan to get too close to you like that, knowing how uncomfortable you looked,” Trent said.
“It sounded like they were throwing themselves at me or something and violating my personal space like they think they could do. It’s typical in Latin and Asian culture. For guys to be feisty and for girls not to be expressive but to be dainty, silent, soft-spoken, and do what others want only, rather than focus on what they want and need, which my parents have taught me,” Lucy explained. “Knowing they set strict, separate gender roles for me and my brother, especially when it comes to dating and relationships.”
“I believe those strict gender role norms that society sets for everyone is completely nonsense. They don’t apply to people, especially in certain societies. To force them upon people causes lots of distress. Some people may be comfortable in traditional gender roles but they don’t have to force them upon others. It just takes away who they are.”
“I’ve always liked being individualistic and wanting to think for myself but some other people, including my own family, have tried taking that away from me, especially back in Atlanta. People there are so nosy and controlling.”
“I can imagine. I hear it’s a typical Bible-Belt, very conservative city.”
“It sure is and I’d say the people there are pretty dysfunctional as well which is why they get into people’s business since they don’t have much to do unlike people here in Miami who don’t seem too nosy at all. They’ve brought out the best in me overall.”
“I’ve never experienced nosy people much in Miami either as well as in New York, which I don’t want to go back to, knowing there’s lots to do in both cities.”
“Anything I do here, no one bothers me much unlike in Atlanta, where people have bothered me a lot, especially about my personal life, telling me I should date Asians or Hispanics only like my parents have said.”
“That’s just very limiting. The reason why they say these things is because they want to divide the races and have pure bloodlines by producing children who look as if they are one race even when these imposed ideals about being within the same race can produce disastrous results.”
“I’ve experienced that with dating Asians and Hispanics. They’re crazy as well as unstable as usual. Even now, especially with Francis last night attacking Jim that he got arrested by the police and is facing assault charges. Any guy here who acts violent like that towards another guy, I would have them arrested with a pink and white carnation.”
“Of course, even if they are trying to kill them which can be dangerous.”
Meanwhile, Miguel was watching Lucy from inside the chateau as she was talking to Trent to make sure she wasn’t getting any affectionate with him although there was chemistry building between them.
Miguel is starting to sound scary here, Ron thought. From what I’m seeing, that is. He seems to be tracking down Lucy to make sure she isn’t making out with Trent nor anything like that. I mean, that’s just insane. He must be really obsessed with her. And if he sees her with me, he’d sure beat the crap out of me for being half Hispanic and White but he better not or else, I’d call the cops.
Due to fear of being caught by her parents and Asian and Hispanic contestants, Lucy was having one-on-one time with Ron in a private room.
“I’m not a bad person like your parents think I am,” Ron explained. “I’m here for a good reason and that is for you. Nothing else.”
“Thanks but my parents are very picky,” Lucy explained. “They’ve got really high expectations about my love life as well, knowing they are immigrants from the Philippines. They want me to choose someone who can fit in well with them. In other words, Asian or Hispanic.”
“And me being Argentine and Jewish won’t fit.”
“That’s what it is. Anyone who is also White, Black, and/or Middle Eastern doesn’t fit well even though my parents are half Asian and White but are so stuck in Asian ways since they were born and raised in the Philippines. The reason why they don’t like anyone who is also Middle Eastern is because they think of them as Muslim terrorists and extremists.”
“That isn’t always true. Some are stable.”
“Especially here in Miami. I’ve seen them own good businesses and stuff. I know some are lawyers.”
“True but anyway, your parents seem paranoid.”
“That’s what they really are even though they want the best for me.”
“Have they set you up?”
“Yes they have and they married me off to a Filipino guy when I was living in Atlanta. He was very strict and paranoid like them which made me very bored and restricted that I had to leave him.”
“Where is he now?”
“He is in the Philippines. Other than that, we didn’t have any children because I wasn’t into him very much.”
“Everyone here sees you don’t have kids. But then, I’m willing to date anyone with kids, widowed or divorced. You can’t blame them.”
“Have you dated anyone widowed or divorced with kids?”
“I have once. A widow whose husband was killed in a car crash on the way home from visiting his injured mother in the hospital by a drunk driver who hit his vehicle. She had one son. But anyway, she and her in-laws sued the guy who crashed her husband’s vehicle and he’s in jail for DUI and manslaughter.”
“In my case, my parents wouldn’t let me date single dads with kids but I don’t blame them sometimes, especially if the kid’s mother was terrible.”
“There’s nothing wrong with single dads.”
“But most Filipinos seem to be against it, especially with the divorce part. Filipinos are against divorce and strongly about marriage, since they are very traditional.”
I understood what Lucy had said about Filipino culture, Ron thought. I’ve worked with Filipino people before and they do stigmatize divorce. In other words, there is lots of pressure in their culture to have a really good marriage and Lucy does seem to tell me that she is under a lot of pressure to have a good husband based on our conversation. Other than that, she is a fun, interesting person as well as beautiful, especially when she smiles.
And Lucy couldn’t help but smile when talking to Ron nor could he help but smile either as well.

Meanwhile in the living room, the Caucasian and mixed Caucasian contestants were trying to have a friendly conversation with the Asian and Hispanic contestants but most of the Asian and Hispanic contestants were being mean to them. Only a few Hispanic contestants like Paul and even Nathan didn’t mind having conversations with the Caucasian and mixed Caucasian contestants since they seemed friendly towards them but the rest of the Asian and Hispanic contestants were very clannish and insular, even though they were accepting of Ivan. It was going to take a while for the guys to get together or so. Aside from that, Lucy’s parents demanded where she was and all of a sudden, she was standing in the living room.
“Your dad and I need to talk to you,” Lucy’s mother told her.
Lucy didn’t say anything. She just followed her parents into a private room.
“What now?” Lucy didn’t want to be interrogated by her parents. “This is cocktail hour. Just let me do what I have to do.”
“Why are you talking to White and mixed White guys again?” Lucy’s mother asked. “Including that all-American Tyler? You’re always doing this. We want you to choose guys who relate to our culture better.”
“So now you want me to get rid of them right away,” Lucy answered.
“Yes,” Lucy’s father said.
“Sure, I’ll eliminate Tyler for you and mom,” Lucy told her father. “But I will still keep those White and mixed White guys.”
“Don’t keep them. Get rid of them along with Tyler,” Lucy’s mother told her.
My parents are starting to ruin the enjoyment of cocktail hour, Lucy thought. I want to have some fun at least. I mean, they are being like the Asian and Hispanic guys they want for me except these guys have been separating themselves from the White and mixed White guys I seem attracted to even though the White and mixed White guys are here for a good reason. I think my parents must be paranoid or something. They want me to choose whom they want only rather than make my own decisions.

Lucy sat outside with Ernesto in the patio and her parents were pleased that she was having one-on-one time with him, speaking some Spanish, due to the fact that he had a moderate Spanish accent which seemed to charm her along with handsome looks that could complement her as well as her family—black hair, which was short, black eyes, and olive skin. Other than that, Ernesto was tall, standing at six-one and athletically built.
“Mind if we join you?” Lucy’s parents asked.
“Sí, señores,” Ernesto answered.
I don’t mind Lucy’s parents having a conversation with us, Ernesto thought. I know this is typical not only of Filipino culture but also of Latino culture as well. The parents having a conversation with their daughter and whomever she is dating, especially when they parents like the guy or so. When Lucy’s parents first saw me, I knew they would like me since Latino and Asian cultural values are similar. Latinos are very family-oriented and traditional like Asians are.
“It is important that Lucy marry someone who shares the same cultural and family values,” Lucy’s mother explained to Ernesto.
“My parent see that in Asian and Hispanic guys,” Lucy told Ernesto.
“Don’t worry,” Ernesto assured Lucy’s mother and father. “Puerto Rican and other Hispanic cultures won’t be a bad influence. Puerto Ricans and other Hispanics are also Catholic. They always emphasize going to church on Sundays and we also have similar religious festivals like Filipinos do. The food is similar, especially lechon. Other than that we like to watch sports like boxing, basketball, and baseball.”
“Speaking of basketball,” Lucy’s father said to Ernesto. “Have you been to a Miami Heat basketball game?”
“On occasion,” Ernesto replied. “Especially when they have been reaching the championships recently since you know that I work with the team’s marketing department as a sponsorship salesman.”
“That’s cool,” Lucy’s father said to Ernesto. “But anyway, since Lucy moved with her mother and I to Miami from Atlanta, we’ve only seen the Heat in the regular season matches.”
“Did you live in Atlanta?” Ernesto asked.
“Yes, for 21 years,” Lucy answered. “I lived in San Francisco for 10 years prior to that.”
“I was laid off from my job in San Francisco which is why I moved with my whole family to Atlanta,” Lucy’s father explained to Ernesto. “I used to work in a bank and then I worked as an auditor for the local transit company in Atlanta for 21 years until I retired this year.”
“How is Atlanta?” Ernesto asked.
“Boring,” Lucy’s mother answered. “It’s not very diverse, either. Not many Asians nor Latinos as well as Natives and Arabs. It’s all White and Black American.”
“Not too much to see nor do, either,” Lucy explained to Ernesto. “I like it better here in Miami.”
“I knew you would say that,” Ernesto said. “In fact, I like it here as well. It’s almost like San Juan where I came from.”
“Do you have family here?” Lucy asked.
“Yes, I do,” Ernesto answered. “They are living in Boca Raton. We’re very close which is why I moved along with them.”
So far, my conversations with Ernesto, along with my parents included, have always been about culture and family. Ernesto sure does flatter me and he doesn’t mind my parents joining us for a conversation. He shares pretty much in common with them and respects them by calling them, “señores”, sir and mam in Spanish.

Inside the chateau’s living room, the contestants learned about Lucy’s parents being around for the cocktail hour. The Asian and Hispanic ones were okay with it but the Caucasian and mixed Caucasian ones were not, except Filippo, Giovanni, Peter, Dion, and Ivan because they knew that parental interference in dating was common in Italian, Eastern European, Greek, and Russian cultures. As Lucy came in with her parents, along with Ernesto, the contestants were going to have to compete to stay in the competition, which also included Ernesto as well, which means they would have to do one-hundred push-ups like Lucy’s parents ordered to prove how manly enough they could be for her. Lucy thought it was ridiculous and that it would physically hurt them. As the contestants started doing push-ups without their blazers on, Rob came in and told them to stop as they were rolling to the floor. They all stopped, got up and put their blazers on. After that, Lucy proceeded with the carnation ceremony. Miguel and Nathan were safe with the dark red carnations, one from the one-on-one date to Little Havana and the beach afterwards and one from the group date to the Miami Seaquarium. Lucy also gave the other dark red carnations to Trent, Ron, and Ernesto. She gave Adrian, Peter, Kyle, Filippo, Nicolas, and Ivan the light red ones while she gave the white ones to Marcus, Giovanni, Dion, Paul, Calvin, Derek, Johnny, Steve, Andy, Matt, Oscar, Walt, João, Edgar, and Felipe. Isaac, Terry, Jared, and Dylan, received yellow ones while Tyler, Alan, and Eric received fuchsia and white striped ones which sent them out of the competition. It was a huge blow for both of them. They each wanted to get to know Lucy more but Lucy was told by her parents to get rid of Tyler because he was “too Americanized” despite that he defended her against Eric’s remarks which she and Tyler thought of as sexist and that she thanked him for it. And as for Eric, Lucy didn’t really like him at all and felt that she wouldn’t connect with him, which would make her parents angry. Would it? Same went for eliminating Alan as well. Lucy didn’t seem to like him because he revealed in a one-on-one conversation with her that he was related to her father’s side of her family as a distant nephew of his and Lucy’s distant cousin, making Lucy notice that he looked almost like her brother, having short black hair and narrow black eyes which her brother had. In other words, this sounded incestuous to Lucy as well as her Caucasian and mixed Caucasian contestants and would also sound incestuous to producers, viewers, and even critics which would be very controversial.

Will Maya Angelou’s Recent Passing Slow The War Against Women Or Not?

Speaking about the war against women we’ve had this past week starting with the Isla Vista, California shooting on a Memorial Day weekend along with the Boko Haram situation still continuing in Nigeria since this month or so, the pregnant Christian woman in Sudan facing execution for marrying a Muslim, and a woman who was killed by her family for marrying the man she loved, here is a quote from Maya Angelou who just passed away this week. Maya Angelou was a civil rights activist, a poet, a writer, actress, and musician and she worked to promote tolerance, equality, and peace to all, especially in times of violence from the Civil Rights Movement, which sparked lots of violence, rampage shootings, terrorist attacks, and so forth. But most of all, her passing does remind us about the war against women that has been going on this month, especially her phenomenal woman quote that inspires women to go beyond this war against them, despite that it’s still going on. And yes, there’s still a lot of sexism against women because men still want to be in charge, especially in dating, relationships, and marriage.

Elliot Rodger & The Rise Of The Mixed Race Male Identity Crisis Or Is It?

There have been a lot of race issues during the whole month of May or so. First, LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his racist remarks which outraged the public, including NBA players, coaches, and owners. And now during the Memorial Day weekend, 22-year-old Elliot Rodger who is the son of The Hunger Games assistant director, Peter Rodger, who went on a drive-by shooting spree at the University of Santa Barbara California campus in Isla Vista, California, killing seven or so people and wounding others, mostly female and some males along with killing himself. The motives? Being a mixed race male, half Asian/White and aside from that, desperation, jealousy, insecurity, and revenge.

1) Being a mixed race male, according to his story. Is it really that difficult when it comes to dating and wanting to settle down?

For maybe a few or so it isn’t. But for many, it is. Women, especially those who are traditional and come from traditional, conservative families who place a lot of emphasis on strict gender roles, especially in courtship and marriage, including monoracial ones, tend to associate mixed race males as “pretty boys”, “effeminate”, “gay”, “soft”, “having the best of both or many worlds”, “dumb himbos good for one thing”, “whores”, “too unique” , “too sexy” and “too handsome” for them that they prefer monoracial men instead since they seem more masculine and rugged to them while a mixed race male doesn’t, not unless they are like Vin Diesel or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for example, Vin half Black and White and the Rock half Black and Pacific Islander. I’ve seen many mixed race guys struggle in dating as well as having relationships with girls, including friends and classmates, as well as family members and relatives like my own brother in which both our parents are half Asian/White, actually due to our great-grandparents on both sides being Asian/White interracial couples, and my paternal cousin in which my dad’s late brother-in-law was White, for example, because girls, mostly monoracial ones or so, thought they were too attractive, unique, exotic, weird, strange, confusing, and difficult to tell, etc. Sure mixed race females may have it a bit more easier when it comes to dating and marrying since men, including those who believe in strict, traditional gender roles,  like women who are uncommon and rare. But for mixed race males, they are considered undateable and unmarriageable. Women tend to like men who are very common and available, especially those who believe in strict, traditional gender roles.

Anyway, Elliot Rodger’s case is typical of the average mixed race male, even though I think he’s Asian rather than White, coming from a half Asian/White view. Cannot get a steady girlfriend just because he’s “too handsome” as well as intimidating. Girls preferred less attractive, feisty monoracial guys that were easier to tell over him. And a mixed race male can have it tough on The Bachelorette or any dating reality or game show as well compared to a mixed race female. Chances are females are going to choose monoracial males over mixed race ones, mostly among monoracial females.

Before this, there was a half Asian/White male who went on a shooting spree in a mall in Portland, Oregon, killing three people because his girlfriend, who happened to be a monoracial White, left him for a monoracial White male. This was two years ago before the Christmas holiday. Seems like dating is definitely toxic for mixed race males while it isn’t for mixed race females. But then again, I’ve found out that even interracial couples would also rather have sons and terminate daughters like monoracial couples would, making it harder for mixed race males to find a steady girlfriend who can become a wife like monoracial males, which can put them in the worst crisis when it comes to dating and wanting to settle down or so.

2) Elliot Rodger was very desperate

He really wanted to have a steady girlfriend that he couldn’t focus on his studies nor anything else. Any happy couple he saw, he was always heartbroken and outraged, especially interracial couples in which White girls, the ones he liked just because he claimed he was White only when he didn’t, were dating minority guys, usually Black and Asian, and were happy with them because these minority guys were very devoted to them, according to a post he wrote on, which caused him to be racist as well. In addition to that, he had issues with neediness. But girls like needy desperate guys on average, usually if they are very traditional and believe in traditional male and female roles. And yes, society glorifies needy, desperate males a lot and females do find neediness and desperation in males attractive because it is romantic.

3) He was extremely jealous as well as competitive and catty with other males

Elliot Rodger was jealous of any male who dated a girl he liked and admired and accused them of stealing them, according to his 141-page manual. He was always fighting with other males like most males would, especially over females, since we live in a world where males outnumber females on average, due to female infanticides through abortions and sex selective technology and other forms of violence against females. Goodness forbid, if he were to be steadily involved with a girl he liked while still around, he would be extremely possessive of her as well, getting into fights with other guys over her, including guy friends she has along with male co-workers that she interacts with as well! In other words, he’d hate for her to talk with other guys because he thinks they are throwing themselves at her and that she’s a female player, or playgirl, flirting with them. In addition to that, he would tell her be more attractive to him by dressing stylish and attractive, even though tasteful and decent, in private, and dressing boring and dull in public so other guys wouldn’t steal her from him. He would also beat her up if she turned out to be a bad girl or kill her if she were cheating on him as well as the other guys she’s cheating with. In other words, he would be very abusive and controlling because of his jealousy as well as insecurity, which I will mention later on.

4) He was very insecure and even arrogant.

Check out these YouTube videos of him.

They explain everything. He thought he was so much better than any other guy in terms of his looks, style, and status and thought of them as ugly losers and slobs. And for hunky ones, I’m sure he thought of them as dumb loser sluts and whores, especially when they are scantily-dressed. And if a girl he was with was ogling a slutty-looking hunk, he’d lash out at her as well as him for being all over her like some guys would, especially if he were a gigolo. Who would want to be with a guy who thinks he’s better than other guys? No one would and they wouldn’t want to be with Elliot, either because he thought highly of himself and had very high standards. Like I said, he would beat up or kill bad girls who treat him like dirt since some guys do in order to gain and/or regain control and masculinity. Of course, guys never fall for bad girls who treat them badly and when they do, they retaliate. Bad girls suffer more abuse and hostility compared to good girls.

5) Elliot wanted revenge

Girls turned him down and yes, they treated him badly as well. Yes, this can happen to girls who treat guys badly. And he did kill girls who treated him like dirt like I thought he would. Any girl who doesn’t treat a guy with respect and like a man does suffer violence and hostility against them like I’ve mentioned before. We’ve got people like actress Kirsten Dunst, for example, last month encouraging women to treat men like men and not dishonor nor disrespect them by treating them like dirt as well as allowing them to be in charge of everything as well as former beach volleyball pro Gabrielle Reece and actress Candace Cameron Bure who participated on Dancing With The Stars earlier this year, whose former Russian NHL hockey pro husband enjoyed watching her dance sexy with another guy, encouraging women to be submissive to men as a sign of respect to them and not dominating them at all, which can make them very hostile. In other words, being a bad girl and treating a guy badly as well as dominating him can be very dangerous. Same goes for abusing him and raping him (or even trying to rape him). It’s also dangerous, especially if he’s much taller, bigger, and stronger which can make him retaliate and defend himself by raping back. So women are encouraged to be careful. Men are seen as very intimidating. It’s dangerous to see men as objects as well as have access to their bodies. They can fight back real easily.

The most important part is that Elliot Rodger was mentally unstable which caused him to be violent other than just being an oppressed mixed race male but then there have been other violent acts perpetrated by mixed race males before like George Zimmerman who was half Hispanic/White who killed Trayvon Martin who was Black in South Florida two years ago out of hatred for Blacks and Andrew Cunanan who was half Asian/White but more Asian who killed the famed Italian fashion designer, Gianni Versace back in 1997, possibly due to mental instability or so. But anyway, it does seem like mixed race males are having problems with their masculinities, according to this pamphlet, It states how mixed race males are stereotyped as not being masculine enough and these violent acts perpetrated by mixed race males that I’ve mentioned before explains their compensation for the lack of manliness that monoracial males have, usually Whites or so. It’s on the rise and there was another case, possibly last year, in which a single mixed race male who was believed to be also Black and White raped a White female even though she had a steady White boyfriend. I believe it was in Tennessee or something. But anyway, that showed it’s hard for mixed race males to date and marry like mentioned before because they are seen as not manly enough like monoracial males are. Women are afraid men who look unique and out of the box more often because they want a protective man, even if he’s overprotective, possessive, clingy, needy, desperate, jealous, and insecure. It’s typical.